After going down 2-0 early in the game, the Los Angeles Kings kicked off their preseason with a victory over the Colorado Avalanche.

The Kings scored 4 unanswered goals, scored, in order, by Michal Handzus, John Zeiler (yes, really), Brad Richardson and Justin Williams.  Jonathan Bernier gets the win after letting in what Nick Nickson describe as two goals scored on the short side.

Sounded like nastiness is brewing, setting up another dirty battle in Las Vegas on October 2.  Cody McLeod tripped Jonathan Bernier, Adam Foote jumped Zeiler, Kevin Westgarth fought somebody, so did Jordan Nolan, and a bunch of other stuff happened I’m sure that I didn’t catch while listening on the radio.

Richardson was the game’s #1 star, scoring the game winner.

I will have a proper postgame report for tomorrow’s home game against Phoenix.   You will actually be able to watch a live feed on Kingsvision.  Gotta love the Kingsvision.  He does good work, and we love him for it.

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  1. Kings Vision is a “he” ?

    • You expected a she? Perhaps a they? ;)

    • Well Kingsvision is really a group of people in a sense. Those who work on filming, putting together, uploading and promoting Kings’ videos can all, in a way, be called Kingsvision. But Kingsvision is really an editor. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said he…. if he/she/he he wants to remain anonymous. But what the hell, I love and appreciate his work and deserves our thanks and praises for all he/she/it/they do for us starved fans.

      • Okay then, we’ll call Kingsvision a “he”.

        Did you notice the streaming is a lot better this season? There are no hiccups or crashes any more. Works excellent.


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