During my trip to the LA Kings training camp earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Kasey Spatz.  Kasey is an amateur sports photographer who was snapping hundreds of shots of our Kings.

After some pleasant chatting about the Kings, Kasey’s photography and Surly & Scribe, Kasey agreed to put her photography on our site.

Before we proceed, a little bit about the lady behind the lens.

Yes, that is Kasey speeding along in a motocycle.  Kasey is a renaissance woman.  Yes boys, she is taken.

Kasey is a graduate of California State University of Long Beach, with a degree in Human Development/Sociology.  Having grown up in Orange County, Kasey is a long time, long suffering Kings’ fan with a passion befitting of http://www.lakingsnews.com.  An unfortunate bi-product is that her brother roots for that other so-called ‘hockey team’ in Southern California.  We forgive Kasey for the error of her brother’s ways because, as you are about to see, she is an excellent photographer.

All of the following photos were taken by Kasey.  For more of her work, please visit Kasey’s flickr account, crzyb16agirl, here.

There’s a lot of them (102 to be exact), but they are worth the time.  So grab a beer, take a seat, and most of all,


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