…about 5 minutes ago. Then it seemed so obvious.

I went through this analysis. The first line is set. Kopitar centers Brown and Smyth. The third line is set. Handzus centers Simmonds and Poni. The second line may be set if Parse is healthy. Assume he is – that means Stoll centers Parse and Williams. That leaves the fourth line. Think wing first. Murray wants a traditional bruising line that can bring energy and chip in the occasional offense. Bruising = Westgarth. Bruising + chipping in offense = Clifford. There are your wingers. Energy + occasional offense = Richardson. Thus, the fourth line is Richardson centering Westgarth and Clifford.

That’s it.

It has to be.

Schenn isn’t taking Richardson’s spot. Moller doesn’t bring bruising to a wing position. Loktionov can’t be placed as a fourth line center because that would create three rookies on one line and Murray is not doing that. Clune or Zeiler? Healthy scratches and the occasional inserts perhaps.

The fourth line has to be Clifford-Richardson-Westgarth.

Bring on the Birds on Tuesday @ Staples.


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  1. No mention of Trevor Lewis? I don’t think Westgarth can play 82 games, there’s no way an enforcer should be dressed for 82 games.. My guess is this

    (Clune, Westgarth)

    Clifford back to Barrie, unfortunately

  2. I look forward to seeing if your prediction comes to fruition! I can’t wait to see Westgarth in action!


  3. I don’t know if its highly pessimistic or optimistic, but I’m not sure I see Parse holding onto that 2nd line spot. If Parse can’t hang, then I think he’s gone. Whereas Richardson is usurping Harrold in the forward ‘utility’ role, Parse can’t fill those skates.

    Richardson moves up to the 2nd line and the 4th line becomes Clifford-Lewis-Moller/Westgarth. By the playoffs Richie is back on the 4th line because Moller has earned the offensive time with the second and the 4th line ends up as it began, Clifford-Richardson-Westgarth/Lewis.

    Also, don’t forgot about Cliche once he is healthy. I’ve liked his play (what I’ve seen) more than Lewis for that 4th line role.

  4. The 4th line was all so simple and straightforward until Surly came along.

  5. Uh…fellas…do you think by let’s say the tenth game of the season that TM will not have made a bunch of changes with line combinations?

    • I see TM changing the lines so many times that Williams could be on the 4rth line by Christmas, to give it an offensive boost. Also Kopi double shifting with the 1rst and 4rth all season long, or brown to get the line more offensive ice time without westgarth.

    • Maybe. Probably. Yes. Unless we are winning…in which case, back to maybe.

  6. sounds good..but shoot no Loktionov??
    back to Manchester…


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