Pierre LeBrun of ESPN has picked the Kings to win the Pacific.

TSN has us in the top five in their 30 teams in 30 days.

The praise has come. It will continue. We will accept it with gratitude, but recall

Only a couple of years ago and before, those that applaud us today shunned us as a team and organization.

It was neither them nor others that watched our Kings rebuild from the foundation. That was me. That was Surly. That was you.

When some questioned your loyalty to a team they considered inferior or unequal, you let it be known the Kings are your team, L.A. is your hockey home and that loyalty belongs to only one.

Those that once called themselves Kings fans but took their allegiance elsewhere are not your kind. They shared nothing with you then nor do they now.


You have paid the price of patience.

Your work is not done. Our arena is not a place for polite cheer and feign approval. That is the other place 30 miles away.

You are not just fans. You are a force.

When the team falters, you scream louder.

When they score, you raise the roof.

If Surly and I cannot hear you, you do not exist.

Until 18,000 of us scream at the top of our lungs for 60 minutes, we have more left to give.


You make a difference to the team.

Your rabid passion will infect others around you.

We have earned the right to be here but have won nothing yet.

Until the Stanley Cup is ours, our work is not done and then it will have only begun.

Can you hear it?