Apparently my poll will need to be adjusted as Rich Hammond just reported that Oscar Moller, Johan Fransson, Alec Martinez and Andrew Campbell have not taken the ice for practice today, presumably because they are packing their bags for a plane ride to Manchester.

Bummer, I was pulling for Moller and really thought he would crack the lineup this year.  I still firmly believe that he will see time with the Kings this season, as an injury call-up or otherwise.

The defensive cuts are not surprising at all.

This leaves Jacob Muzzin, Thomas Hickey and Peter Harrold left to battle for the 6th and 7th spots.  Though my track record so far hasn’t been outstanding, I do still believe that until Matt Greene returns, Davis Drewiske is a lock for the #5 spot.

Things are getting tight.  Andrei Loktionov is clearly impressing a great deal to still be around.

Based on Moller getting cut, I will revise my 4th line prediction to be Clifford-Richardson-Westgarth with Lewis and Clune as the extra forwards.

This truly has to be the most difficult camp to predict in quite a long time.

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  1. thats a bummer… i was hoping Moller’d be there… i’d love for someone like him to be there to step up to that 2nd line if and when parse flounders… Mollers offensive skills are underrated… i remember him scoring a few goals from the slot with killer wristers that i’d like to see more of… i’d hate for his offensive potential to be lost having him stuck down on the 4th line… kind of how frolovs offensive potential wasnt utilized leaving him on the 3rd line… hopefully they do a ‘bernier tactic’ with moller… the ‘go down to manchester and be the best of the best’.. i think he could do that…

    in a completely different topic… surly please get your readers (who are active in going to the games like we are) to suggest songs to hear so we dont have to listen to as much lame music at staples…
    u can request songs through this link

    • Ooh, good idea. If I hear it again this season, I am also planning a petition to get rid of the “let’s get it started in here” abomination they played before games last year.


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