Parros is a class act. After a good fight with Westgarth, he told our rookie “good fight.”

Hickey needs to settle down. He is playing like a kid chasing a toy. Muzzin is playing like more composed.

Cam Fowler of the Ducks does serve a purpose. To take dumb penalties and fail to play defense. Nice pick. The sad part is he is probably better than most of their D.

Davis Drewiske popped a bubble gum bubble in the middle of a shift. I swear.

Quick came alive at about the 11 minute mark. Tracking the puck well. Reading the defenseman. Solid position. He was a bit unsteady up to that point.

Zeus is my veteran man crush.

Mitchell has a long and magical stick. I am considering writing a children’s tale with this theme.

Kings need better coverage in the neutral zone. Most of the Ducks’ shots came as they skated untouched over the center and then the blue line.

After two periods, Kings 5, – Ducks, a Thomas Hickey turnover.