Bobby will take care of a little post game action for you, but I had to get out how thrilled I am by tonight’s game to see that Terry Murray is fully capable of employing a high-powered offensive system.

The drive, the penetration, the pinching defenseman, the focus on getting pucks to the front, my oh my.

These are not the Kings you knew ladies and gentlemen.  We may not have added any scoring depth over the offseason, but Terry’s new system could easily account for any number of goals a flashy Russian could have scored.

Though 90% of the players remain the same from last season, this is a whole new Kings team.

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3 replies

  1. Any time they beat the dorks its a good night….anytime they kill them is NIRVANA!

  2. this game has me very excited for this season. let’s hope the new system keeps working!

  3. It was very good to see the Kings creating so much pressure on offense and controlling so much of the flow of the game. There has been a lot of grousing about how the team didn’t improve over the offseason, and that we didn’t add any offense, but if they can continue to work the system like that, and believe in it, they will have all of the offense they need. That was a tremendous game.


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