Tonight is a big night for the two young defensemen still left in training camp, Jacob Muzzin and Thomas Hickey.

For his namesake alone, I’m pulling for Muzzin.  I also like that while large, Jacob can also skate and move the puck well.  Though I still hold out high hopes for Hickey, the shining I’ve taken to Muzzin may eventually rival my twinkle for Clifford if the new “Muzz” (RIP Glen Murray’s career) can show me the nasty side of his game.

I want you all to pay close attention to these two players tonight.  Tomorrow we will have a poll here on which one will make the team, and in a week we will get to see how talented we all are at player evaluations.

Assuming they are paired together, look for an interesting game of cat and mouse, in which they each try to make their own mark offensively while at the same time being ready to cover the other should he make a mistake rushing the puck up the ice.  Zero in on their skating.  Who has the smoother stride?  Who is faster, both at top speed and from a stand-still?  Stick-checking, vision, shot.  I may even break all of these categories down into their own polls.  While the 4th line battle still rages on, this has now become the hallmark match-up of training camp.

Also keep in mind that Murray has said that Muzzin will essentially be judged primarily on his defensive fortitude while Hickey will be scrutinized for the damage he can do on the power play.

Let the battle begin!


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  1. My pick is Hickey. Hickey and Drewiske will battle each other during the regular season to see who gets to play with Greene when he returns.

  2. I am pulling for The Muzz but believe Hickey may take it based on the dues paying criteria in Manchester. Two solid rookies. One thing we can all agree on is both have earned the right to be here and will only get better.


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