Before we move on to taking a stab at the 6th defensemen, here are the results of your choices for the remaining forward spots.

Assuming Westgarth and Richardson have made the team, you voted Kyle Clifford (getting 26% of the votes) as the most likely to make the team.

For the final two spots, Brayden Schenn garnered  23% of your votes, and Rich Clune 21%.

So Surly and Scribe’s readership sees the 4th line as some combination of Clifford, Richardson, Westgarth, Clune and Schenn.

Some possible line combinations based on that would be:

Clifford-Richardson-Westgarth — Clune, Schenn scratched.

Clifford-Schenn-Westgarth — Richie, Clune scratched.

Richardson-Schenn-Westgarth — Clune, Clifford scratched.

Clune-Schenn-Richardson — Clifford, Westgarth scratched.

Clune-Richardson-Westgarth — Schenn, Clifford scratched.

Interesting choices.  While there are more possible iterations, the last one (Clune-Richie-Westy) seems a likely 4th line.  It has the most experience.  However Clifford and Schenn won’t make the team just to be regular scratches.

So much of this also rides on Parse’s health and subsequent performance on the 2nd line.  Should he stay injured or falter, Richardson or Schenn, or even Clifford could jump up.  Assuming Parse is on the 2nd line to stay (which I don’t think he will be), then either a rookie or a fighter would be scratched most nights.  We know Lombardi wants his young guys to play and we know Murray wants to play his fighters more often than not.  This represents a bit of a conundrum.

Trailing in the voting was Loktionov, who only got 16% of the votes, and Lewis who got 14%.  Poor Zeiler got no percent.

A short time will tell how smart of a crowd we have here on LA Kings News.

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  1. I like the Richardson-Schenn- Westgarth combo. I think Parse and Clune are ultimately trade bait. I’m sure glad that I don’t have to make these decisions for real!


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