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Kings Coach Terry Murray said goaltender Jonathan Quick will start against Colorado at Las Vegas on Saturday and there’s a chance Erik Ersberg, who missed a start because of a bruised left hand, will make his exhibition season debut Sunday against the Ducks at Anaheim.

For the full Helene Elliott article, and a damn good one I may add, click on the link.

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  1. You get the idea that in the minds of Kings’ management there is no goaltender controversy. They could at least give EE a look for appearances’ sake. Probably should just trade the poor guy, maybe for a steak dinner or something.

  2. I am going to Sunday’s game and was hoping to see Bernier. I suppose if EE hears boos he can blame the Ducks fans. He missed his start in Colorado and was never a thought after that. If he pitches a shoutout against the Ducks, he might get one more game. If he lets in one softie early we can all drive up the 91 fwy and watch him there for the rest of the season. Not only have they not given him a chance, they have ruined his trade value. One of my co-workers has an Ersberg jersey. I blame her for his slide to obscurity.

  3. They need to be working hard on a trade for Ersberg. He paid his dues here without complaint, and did everything that the team asked of him, they need to try to find him a place where he can play.

    And so now we know what George Parros said to Westie after the fight. He wasn’t congratulating him, he was telling him what time to be at the restaurant!


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