Frozen Fury XIII is less than 48 hours away.

The insanity.

Over 10,000 Kings fans meet a couple of hundred die-hard Avalanche faithful who brave the desert to endure our wrath. I sympathize with the Colorado fans for what they have to suffer…no I don’t, not at all. They assumed the risk the moment they bought that ticket. Our fanbase would be remiss to disappoint them, for what does a masochist seek if not pain with a slice of misery.

To my brothers and sisters of L.A. and thousands of readers, I beseech you to bring the noise. If you see Surly and I, come and say hey. I will be the one with the Scotch, neat. Surly will be holding a beer with a scowl and a smile. If you miss us, know that we are among you. Decibels higher perhaps on occasion but of the same heart and mania that feeds your puck hungry soul.

Are you ready?

Do you see that Vegas skyline?

Smell the napalm?

Smells like victory.

It awaits.