It deserves its own post to give some… what’s the lingo?… mad props, to Jacob Muzzin for essentially making the Kings’ roster.  While it is not official (the Kings could still ice 6 defenseman with Muzzin as a scratch once the season starts), Jake has accomplished a great deal since finishing his junior career less than 7 months ago.

If Muzzin does indeed step foot on NHL ice come October 9th, I will have burn scars from the oven that took longer to heal than it did for the 21 year old to make the jump from playing with children to skating against the best the world has to offer.

It must be reiterated that the Kings’ roster is not set.  Muzzin must still keep up his level of play and stay healthy.  He must still outperform Peter Harrold to suit up for games that have 2 points on the line.   He must continue to improve to stave of the slew of young defensemen in Manchester just waiting to lunge at Jake’s first misstep.  He must shine above the much more experienced Drewiske to keep his ice time once Matt Greene returns to the lineup.

All those musts aside, he must be thrilled.

Congratulations Jacob.  Make the most of it.

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  1. If he keeps his head screwed on straight, and picks the brain of Willie Mitchell and Doughty at every turn, and he continues to play like he’s hungry for it, he should do fine. He has to be very excited today, and tomorrow he has to play like he deserves this, because as you say, there are any number of people waiting to pounce on his first misstep, not the least of which, is Thomas Hickey.


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