So 63.64% of you voted that Thomas Hickey makes the team as the 6th defenseman.

Given that Thomas was cut from training camp today, you would be wrong.

Congrats to the 36.36% who believed that Jacob Muzzin is the more NHL ready player.  It would seem that Terry Murray agrees with us.

This represents quite a blow to Hickey, who has more experience than Muzzin at a higher level and was drafted 4th overall, whereas Muzzin was drafted by Pittsburgh in the 5th round inn 2007, but was never signed by the Penguins.  To me, this comes as no surprise.  Forget about my personal vantage point in section 315 that saw Muzzin as the better candidate for the crown, but consider and remember that Hickey has been injured much too often since being drafted.  He may have some AHL experience, but he hasn’t led the Monarchs for a full season as he should.  Look for Thomas to be Manchester’s top defenseman all year, and probably still earn a quick call-up at some point.

Back to the poll, here are the rest of the results:

Who is more positionally sound? 56% voted Hickey.

Who is the better skater? 82% voted Hickey.

Who is more physical/stronger? 91% voted Muzzin.

Who is more composed? 50/50 tie.

Who is better with the puck? 77% voted Hickey.

So while the majority thinks Hickey is better is nearly every category, management and coaching saw enough they liked more about Muzzin to essentially give him the spot.  With Greene out, there are now 7 defenseman on the active roster: Doughty, Johnson, Mitchell, Scuderi, Drewiske, Harrold & Muzzin.

Expect Muzzin to be paired with Harrold for Frozen Fury in Vegas tomorrow.

UPDATE: don’t expect that. Muzzin wont play in Vegas. Harrold-Drewiske will be the third pairing. Also, Clune-Lewis-Westgarth will be the 4th line. Muzzin will play Sunday in Anaheim.