Here is how the Kings will skate tonight in the final preseason game against the birds:



Jonathan Bernier will be in net and will play the entire game.

Notice something missing? Kopitar, Smyth and Brown. No truth to the rumors that the Ducks have offered their entire team, coaching staff, a plucked Wild Wing and ice girls in a trade for our top line. Notice also that five rookie forwards will comprise the 3rd and 4th lines. Terry wants one last game day look before the Kings make the final cuts. Also, is that 5 players I count as forwards who have been known to drop the gloves? I am sure that is coincidence.

I will attend this game since there is only radio and for some damn reason, (per Hammond) has cancelled tonight’s stream. I will pay special attention to Jake Muzzin and Jonathan Bernier. Jake has earned a spot on the Kings’ roster on opening night and, hopefully, for a long time to come. Murray announced today that Bernier will back up Quick in net. Our two-headed dragon is set in goal.

I will post thoughts and tidbits from the game between the first and second period as well as a post game report. Each will be on

For those tuning in on the radio, remember that today’s game is a 5:05pm start time.


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  1. I will be at this game as well. Not looking for a win tonight, but it would be nice. The Muzzin Doughty pairing looks interesting. Hopefully DD08 has a good game without Willie. Maybe all the old guys got arrested for (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). Scuds must have gotten in the wrong cab. I am semi-surprised that Quick is starting.

    The Ducks were giving tickets away for this gave today so maybe the online feed was canceled in an effort to sell some tickets. Ducks are in for a sad year this year.

  2. Lack of attendance does make a viable excuse for the Ducks pulling the video plug on the game, although, without our top line on the ice they have a chance to take revenge on us. I want to hear who fills out Westies dance card tonight, and Clifford’s too for that matter. I’ll have to wait for the clips to come up on YouTube, to see ’em, but that’s OK.
    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Per Hammond, EE is not on the team. Not sure he got a fair shake. I wish him well.

    • Come on Steve, there is no “fair shake”.

      Ersberg happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. Two clearly better goalies appeared, both developed from within.

      Quick proved his worth. And you only need to watch Bernier for a period or two to see he’s going places in this league.

      I feel for EE but no matters how this plays out bumping Eric is the proper move.


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