…and so it begins.

We saw it coming with Ersberg. There are teams that can use him but it’s 50/50 whether he is picked up or not. Regarding Clune, he simply became redundant with the other players we do have. The big question becomes this: Did Clifford just make the team?

Has it sunk in that we finally have our goaltending duo of Quick and Bernier?

Update: Rumors are that Nashville has put in a claim for Ersberg.
Update II: Rumors appear to be false.

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  1. If Ersberg clears waivers, what do you think he holds in trade potential for the Kings? Wouldn’t it be likely that he would return to Europe to play, if he clears waivers in the NHL?

  2. Looks like he’s a Pred!!!!!!! Good Luck EE, wish you would of went east. Glad to hear you got a job, class act, nuff said!!!

    All the players on waivers lately and EE gets picked up right away, maybe he can find Barry Trotz’s neck, then save it vs the Ducklings.


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