We have the numbers.

$2.5 million for two years. $975,000 in 2011-2012. $1.525 the following season. Cap hit = $1.25 million. After the 2012-2013 season. Bernier will remain a restricted free agent (RFA). Quick however (at a cap hit of $1.8 million) will be unrestricted (UFA).

The two-headed dragon is ours for three full seasons and hopefully long thereafter.

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  1. good Deal!!!
    now help us poor soles on DISH..Please.. get the word out..
    not all have season tickets..
    just coming out of my “Lost Frolov” black hole.. don’t want to back in…. :(

    • You must be stressed if it is causing foot pain…get it…soles…

      In any event, call and demand Center Ice for free. Tell them you are switching to Direct TV because that is what all your hockey friends have.

  2. I’m going to take a stab and say Bernier gets 2.4-2.6 total for the two years. 1-1.2 the first year, 1.2-1.4 the second.

    He can’t make more than Quick.

    I have a feeling that with Simmonds, JJ and Doughty coming up Dean said “look, I have X amount of cap space, want to add a forward sometime this year, and have to pay all these other guys that have proven more than you so far, so I can afford to offer you X amount of dollars, and that won’t change, even if you have a great year, so we can do this now, since we know we want you here, or we can have an RFA fiasco next summer that helps no one, because nothing changes the fact that DD, JJ and Simmonds earned that money/cap space first.”

    Or I’m completely wrong. Both highly possible situations.

  3. He got 2.5 total. How smart am I? Smart here of course being a euphemism for lucky.

  4. And did you capitalize on any of that smartness/luck while you were in Vegas? This deal keeps him in the fold until just past the expiration of the current CBA doesn’t it? It would guarantee him one year of income in the event of a work stoppage wouldn’t it. Plus, you would still need to do that for DD, JJ and Simmer at the end of the season to make sure that you still have them in the event of a lengthy stoppage when the CBA comes up. I doubt the team would want to commit to much more than that at the moment.

  5. That’s good news. Now we have 3 years to figure out which one will be our Patrick Roy and the other one will be good enough to make sure we get someone good in return.

    Lombardi is a smart smart man :)

  6. I am greatly pleased by the fact D.L. has given us OPTIONS IN A LONGER TERM.
    Lombardi haters beware this guy he will suprise you.

  7. I agree with Bobby Scribe. In fact I did that last year with directv. They folded faster than a frenchman in front of a capgun. Tell ’em you’re just going to switch to directv because you love hockey and you got DISH because that’s where the hockey WAS! No go get your free Center Ice!


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