The NHL and KHL have signed an agreement to mutually respect each other’s player contracts. This should mean that players will not be able to leave their active contract in one league to play for the other.

“The day before yesterday, Bill Daly and I reached a formal agreement about the appreciation and respect of the KHL contracts,” Medvedev told “It’s very important. We have a legally binding agreement. This agreement confirms the validity of KHL contracts and is fully in compliance with hockey industry standards.” Per ESPN, Daly responded with, “I sent him a letter confirming that we recognize and respect the validity of the standard terms of KHL SPCs. But that’s always been our position. This doesn’t represent a change for us.”

I don’t yet have a copy of this agreement or letter. If and when I can get it, I will post it here. My first question is enforcement – if one party breaches the contract, who presides over the dispute?

There is no truth to the rumor this NHL / KHL agreement has a clause which states, “Though we agree to mutually respect each other’s contracts, we affirm a mutual and ongoing lack of respect for Ilya Kovalchuk’s abortion of a deal.” I don’t know how these rumors get started…

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  1. This is easy for the NHL to agree to, other than players going over there while still under contract to NHL teams, the KHL hasn’t really got anyone that the NHL wants all that bad!


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