I recently found out that WordPress was actually using our site to advertise so that our readers had to look at ads at various places on the site.

I can understand why they do it. They need to make money. WordPress offers a great platform to get the message out.

However, Surly and I started this site with several goals, one of which was to bring our readers undistracted and unfiltered analysis and information. Looking at an advertisement, any ad, takes away from the experience. Thus, I just killed the ads. It costs a little bit of money per year but it is worth it. So, in case you were wondering where the ads went, they are dead…and always will be.


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  1. Didn’t bother me none, not sure I even noticed. Okay, no more ads.

  2. Bugs the hell out of me. Going to a website and seeing ads is like noise among a melody.

  3. I’m not sure I ever noticed them either, and I certainly would have no objection to you helping to defray the cost of keeping the site up in any matter you found necessary. I was wondering recently if the subscriptions contribute to that in any way?

    • We have it covered though I appreciate the kind gesture. I am probably more sensitive to that kind of thing than most. I don’t know if subscriptions contribute or not. We do have quite a few of those.


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