I may be crazy, but read this quote from Terry Murray a few times:

“With a couple guys on IR, we were allowed to make that decision,” Murray said. “He’s had a great training camp, speaking of Loktionov. There’s a nice upside to his game, and I think it’s important that he has a sense that we appreciate what he has done throughout the training camp and tell him that he’s on the opening-day roster. We’ll go through this, over the next couple days, and then I’ll get to the last day or so before the game and make a decision on who is in.”

(quote from Rich Hammond)

Did you read it a few times?  Do you see a hint at something in there, a little double talk perhaps?  No?

Fine, let’s isolate a sentence.  Read this part:

“I think it’s important that he has a sense that we appreciate what he has done throughout the training camp and tell him that he’s on the opening-day roster.”

To me, an admittedly deranged individual, that sounds like Murray prefers Schenn, and had Parse not been injured, Loktionov would have been on a plane to Manchester earlier today.  This sounds like a subtle way of saying that Loktionov is on the roster as a reward for hard work and for a confidence boost to help his development, not purely because he was the best guy for the job.  I read that and the never-ending ear-piercing nonsensical dialogue swirling through my skull hears “All things being equal (ie: Parse being healthy and Richardson on the 4th line), Schenn makes the team before Loktionov.”

Since I’m reading heavily into this, and really just speculating, the only ‘proof’, as it were, would be that Hammond asked about both Loktionov and Schenn, and Murray only make specific mention of Loktionov.  I guess in that sense a differently strange person than myself could read that in the opposite way.

I’m probably crazy.  But then again, maybe you’re the crazy one for thinking I’m crazy.

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  1. You know, just last week I thought I heard my dog talking about me…again.

    Its typical typical hockey hoke. Say nothing, say everything, be respectful and repeat.

    The way I read it:

    Murray: We have not made up our minds, yet.

    • Very possible. I’m not even saying he meant to tip his hand one way or the other. I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things. I always cut myself when I shave with Occam’s Razor.

  2. You’re reading way too much into it. Relax and have a beer.

  3. I think TM makes this kind of statement because Loktionov’s style of play would not be served in a permanent role on the 4th line, but he still wants to try to fit him in for a temporary period of time with the club.

    That being said, why was Oscar Moller not rewarded in getting 2nd line left wing minutes while Parse was out? Moller makes more sense there instead of Richardson.

    Murray is a good coach, but his rationale is certainly not consistent.

  4. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you. This does have that hint of the motivational tool behind it doesn’t it. There are actually two guys on this roster who are going to be gone when Parse and Greene come back, but why not give them this and let them maybe even get a game or two under their belts as a reward for their work during camp, before you send them back to juniors, or down to Manchester, where you will want them to be team leaders. How much easier will it be for them to lead in Manchester or on a junior team with a game or two of NHL experience to claim as their own. It may well prove to be a developmental masterstroke for these guys. Crazy? Crazy like a fox, perhaps!

  5. I am crazy too…about OUR KINGS!!

  6. TM at times makes screwy comments to the media. Sometimes he thinks out loud and his words contradict his actions. He’s not a good poker player.

    My guess is he wants to watch these guys a few games to get an idea who fits in and where. Note that this does NOT necessarily mean who is a better player. One thing TM does do that annoys me is that he will often stick to ideas that don’t work too long, rather than cutting his losses and moving on.

    Having said that, I like him and attribute a lot of the team’s success to his efforts…

  7. And they aay women overthink things to death…lol
    I like Loktuonov alot…Schenn wasn’t picked high ib the draft for nothing. Hopefully we will see them both a good deal this season.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. You’re not crazy Surley! I had the same exact thoughts when I read that quote….. or we could just both be crazy. Who knows?

  9. so glad it seems that the era of those awful… waste of a roster spot “bridge” player is over…
    no more sh*tty scott thorntons, wilsies, roenicks… finally we can see the depth of our own system.. OUR players WE developed… not overpaid over the hill “veterans” … let the kids rip it up!

  10. oh embarrased myself once again with my damn cell .. need to use it without the auto spell as
    it constantly chooses the wrong words!
    I can spell Loktionov and ” in”‘

  11. i thought what you thought. good thinking.

  12. I honestly saw it as a compliment. I felt that he was being “recognized” more then Schenn when he was saying that.


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