Before we get to the video, here is the rather embarrassing discussion that preceded it 5 minutes after the game:

SCRIBE: “So, I got the game winning goal on video!”

SURLY: “Awesome. Let’s see it.”

SCRIBE: (finding video on camera): “Now, I did jump out of my seat…God, I hope I caught it.”

(video playing)

SURLY: “Cool. You are following the puck…kind of…there’s Kopitar, he’s driving, looks good, to Smyth and…you missed the goal…”


SURLY: (laughing)

SCRIBE: “Oh well…this is why you are the videographer”

SURLY: (still laughing)

SCRIBE: “I will post it but the readers are going to give me hell for this…”

Without further adieu: