Before we get to the video, here is the rather embarrassing discussion that preceded it 5 minutes after the game:

SCRIBE: “So, I got the game winning goal on video!”

SURLY: “Awesome. Let’s see it.”

SCRIBE: (finding video on camera): “Now, I did jump out of my seat…God, I hope I caught it.”

(video playing)

SURLY: “Cool. You are following the puck…kind of…there’s Kopitar, he’s driving, looks good, to Smyth and…you missed the goal…”


SURLY: (laughing)

SCRIBE: “Oh well…this is why you are the videographer”

SURLY: (still laughing)

SCRIBE: “I will post it but the readers are going to give me hell for this…”

Without further adieu:

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8 replies

  1. I can relate!.. hard to be the photo guy and be the fan at the same time..
    great scan of the crowd after.. and don’t you just love our Theme song!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hahaha, damn that sucks Scribe! I missed the goal too so I was really hoping you had it! But I agree with above…its too damn hard to roll video and pay attention to the game.

  3. Sucks you missed the goal, but all the other panning of the crowd and such, just get me excited to go to opening night and be amid my team. ahhhh….can’t wait!

  4. Ever see the crew at Staples that films the games? They don’t look the least bit interested in hockey…

  5. You left out the part where I called you a jackass :)

  6. I can relate Bobby. I know just from trying to get decent photos from Kings games how hard it is to follow the action, and be a fan at the same time! Looking through a view finder narrows you field of vision so much that you miss so much of the rest of what’s going on down on the ice. Great that you tried, though.

    Man, that crowd was just about entirely Kings fans! I gotta go to that sometime! Looks like a blast!

  7. any chance you got the fight too?!


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