I just read a report that gave me a very heavy heart.

Our team’s soul for many years, Ian Laperriere, will likely have to retire. Doctors have told him that he should retire to avoid the risk of permanent damage to his eye. Recall that he suffered a concussion, a fractured orbital bone and a brain contusion in game 5 of the playoffs against the Devils. He was hit by a shot. He came back in the conference finals and lasted throughout the Stanley Cup finals. Here is the NHL article.


Our Lappy.

8 years as a King.

I have many fond memories of him. His never-ending smile. His love of the game, the team, the fans. That nose! How many teeth have you lost, Ian? L.A. loved Lappy. I loved him and still do. It broke my heart when he left as a free agent but I knew it was the right move for him at the time. He was the only reason I would have been thrilled if the Flyers won the Cup this past season. He played like a warrior. He will leave the game as one.

I do hope he retires. I don’t want to see him disabled. It’s time. He is 36. He has a wife and two kids. He has done the right thing throughout his career. He has always put the team before him. The team that needs him the most now is his family.

We love you man.

Ian Laperriere

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  1. Other than Luc and Wayne… My alllll time favorite hockey player ever!! My fav # has been 22 because of him and his style and selflessness… I’d love to see him have a Nelson Emerson role with the team at some point

  2. Get player, perhaps the last we will see of the old school rock’em, sock’em team first style of player.

    Any bets on the nose?

  3. The Kings need to have a Lappy night for a proper goodbye. Bring him to Staples, showcase his highlights with the Kings, and call for a standing ovation.

    I was always a huge fan, and could only think positively about him even when he was with the hated Avalanche for a while.

  4. The Kings definitely should have some kind of a Lappy honorary night. He was a great Kings player, and he deserves a proper sendoff. I would love it for the team to give him some kind of post. He would be a great addition to the organization.

  5. He will always be one of my all time favorites. I just hope he can maybe get a job with the Kings if he really has to retire. Lets keep em around!

  6. If he finally gets his nose fixed, I’m not going to recognize him anymore. Hope to see you fully recover, and your life stay fulfilled, after hockey.


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