You’ve heard about the Fox v. Dish Network issues by now. If not, here it is in a nutshell – they can’t reach an agreement. Thus, Dish customers are screwed if they are Kings’ fans because they can’t watch any of the Fox Sports West broadcasts. I have two good friends (and crazy Kings’ fans) directly affected by this and, let me tell you, they are livid.

That aside, I found this article on the Official L.A. Kings’ website fascinating. First, there is no author. It is only under “news”. Second, notice the tone. Who wrote this? Fox or the Kings?

Hall of Famer Bob Miller is back for his 38th season in the Kings broadcast booth and he will team with former Kings forward and current club color analyst Jim Fox in this their 21st season calling exciting Kings action together.

It all begins this Saturday as the Kings face the Vancouver Canucks…though not every Kings fan will be able to see Bob and Jim call the Kings opener on Oct. 9, a highly-anticipated rematch with the Vancouver Canucks, or Sunday’s game at the Calgary Flames. Nor will they be able to see Tuesday’s home opener against the Atlanta Thrashers and they are even in danger of missing EVERY Kings game broadcast on Fox Sports West if they are a DISH Network customer.

DISH Network and Fox (national) are currently in a stalemate on a new contract. The latest contract expired last week on Sept. 30 and Dish Network customers have been without Fox Sports West for 10 days and counting.

The Kings are hopeful that a deal is made soon between DISH and Fox so that all fans will be able to watch all of our games. But if you have DISH Network, there is a good chance you will not see this Saturday’s opener and there is no guarantee that you’ll see any of the LA Kings games that are on FOX Sports West this season.

Fox Sports West continues to be committed to the Kings and hockey as our partners:

  • FS West has already aired a special 30-minute Kings Live: 2010-11 Season Preview Special show four times and will replay the special preview just three more times starting Friday (10/8) at 10 p.m. and Saturday (10/9) at 6:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.
  • In addition, all games are broadcast in HD and fans can catch Miller and Fox, whom have never called a Kings game together from Honda Center on television, do so TWICE this season on Nov. 29 and Feb. 23.
  • FS West will also continue to produce Kings Live, which airs from Star Plaza (outside STAPLES Center) immediately following all primetime home telecasts on FS West, with Patrick O’Neal, the host, sitting alongside Fox to offer viewers post-game recaps and analysis. Connected, original, fast-paced and fun, the half-hour program airs live bringing fans closer to the team with player and coach interviews.
  • In addition, the X-mo camera system returns to select Kings telecasts this season on FS WEST. Combined with low and wide camera angles, the X-mo allows analysts to explain crucial plays and lets the fans relive unbelievable moments. The super slow motion replay adds to the storytelling of the game.
  • Heidi Androl will also return to team with Miller, Fox and O’Neil on the home broadcasts.

But if you have DISH Network, you currently are not able to see any LA Kings broadcasts on FOX Sports West. Here is what we know from FOX Sports West:

At midnight on Sept. 30, Dish Network dropped FOX Sports Detroit because it refused to reach a fair agreement with Fox to carry the network.

As a result, Kings fans will miss Kings @ Canucks & Kings @ Flames this weekend, as well as the Kings home opener vs. the Thrashers next week.

If Dish refuses to reach a fair agreement with Fox soon, there’s a good chance Dish customers will miss the Kings’ entire schedule of games on FOX Sports West.

Fortunately, there are alternatives, as Fox Sports West is offered by a number of other local distributors in our area. If you are not a Dish customer, you will not be affected and you will get to enjoy all of FOX Sports West’s telecasts this season.

As you can imagine, DISH’s competitors are ready, willing and able to make great offers to DISH customers that don’t want to miss their Kings games. FOX Sports West (and FX and Nat Geo) is offered by a number of other local distributors in our area including: AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable and Verizon Every Kings game broadcast on FOX Sports West will be available on each of these carriers.

If you would like to learn more, please call 1-877-99-I-PAID or go to

If you are not a DISH customer, you will not be affected and get to enjoy all Kings broadcasts starting on Saturday as the Kings meet the Canucks.

Ouch. Set it up and rub it in. “1-877-99-IPAID”?!! Holy hell, this is war. Fox is using the official Kings’ website to wage it. I love it! For what it’s worth, I also hate Dish. Fired their punk asses years ago. Their service is garbage.

To my dear Kings’ fans stuck with Dish, I suggest you do one of two things: (a) switch providers or (b) call them up and demand Center Ice for free. I think you can catch a lot of the games on Center Ice though I am not sure about black out rules and such.

Hope you never miss a game.