I, as the rest of you, am concerned about Kopitar. He took a stick to the face, near the eye, on a follow though pass in the offensive zone. Blood on the ice. It didn’t look great. Hopefully, it is just a cut with stitches and not a deep contusion.

Some other notes:

  • Kings powerplay cannot set up the play and keep the momentum. Stoll is completely ineffective out there. Jack and Drew need to get out there with Smyth, Brown and Kopitar (when he returns). Without Kopitar, we need Zeus out there.
  • Schenn is playing very well. He does a lot of the little things well which is not typical for a rookie.
  • Poni needs to be smarter on the rush. Hesitation as a left wing can kill the play and drive the forwards too deep to be effective. This may be Poni still getting used to his linemates.
  • Quick is controlling rebounds well.
  • Drewiske must be more patient with the puck. He is treating it like a hot potato.
  • The Canucks’ goal was a good example of a good powerplay. Four Canucks players drove the Kings’ defense back. Cause the defense to collapse on the powerplay and you have control of the puck and play. Your defenseman can then spend more time above the circle, verses at the blue line, shots get through and scrambles occur.
  • Justin Williams was crazy wide open on a nice rush by Jack Johnson. He had the puck all alone above the hash marks and hesitated. A quick snap shot would have prevented Rubbertoe from getting set. Instead, Williams held the puck for a second too long and then didn’t go for the low shot. Frustrating.
  • Someone explain Jack’s roughing penalty to me. He knocked a Canuck with the puck on his butt. That’s hockey. Not roughing. There was no stick. There was no elbow. Zebras suck…again.

Still thinking about Kopitar. Just saw the replay. Doesn’t look like it is near the eye, but beneath the nose. Thank God.


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  1. According to Helene Elliot’s twitter, it looks like Kopi may have lost some teeth… Poor guy.

  2. Looks like he lost some teeth there – the trainers were picking them off the ice on the HNiC feed. Hopefully that’s the worst of it.

  3. add to that where is simmer been all night ive barely heard or seen him all night getting in to the net …good to see kopi out there ……………

  4. According to CBC, he broke a few teeth and needed some stitches in his mouth, but he’s back on the ice, at least.

  5. Boom! Williams from Brown and Doughty. Kings very slowly finding their stride and shaking their nerves.

  6. Going to the shoot out. Can’t believe the kings couldn’t score on the OT PP.

  7. Good game Kings! See you on the 15th for the next one.

  8. Can we please start calling kopi.. “the joker” awesome hockey scar man


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