Quick thoughts and tidbits:

  • God I love the jerseys. Makes me feel young.
  • Jack beat Luongo clean on the shot in the first minute. Dumb luck. I think Lou was checking out the hot Chinese chic behind the Vancouver bench…no, not that one, the other one…no, no, the other one…
  • We were winning faceoffs early and often.
  • Murray put in the 4th line with Muzzin and Drewiske. Ballsy.
  • Jack made a nice defensive play, completely taking out the ugly Sedin (Henrik) behind the net. Nice stick work, nice hit and pin.
  • ‘Nucks took control at about the 3 minute mark for about 3 minutes but the Kings’ defense was in total control.
  • Zebras suck. That penalty on Poni in the 1st half of the period was nonsense. That no talent hack Torres fell down. Poni never touched him.
  • Brayden Schenn…what a move at the 1/2 way point of the period. Turned Ehrhoff inside out. Drew a penalty. He was then rewarded by getting 1st powerplay minutes not just that one time, but for each of the successive powerplays. Kings just could not get it set up on the first one. Also noticed Muzzin was getting powerplay time on the left side with Stoll on the right. More on Muzzin later.
  • Kings had a golden opportunity with 7:40 left in the first. Scramble. Zeus just missed on the right side with a quick redirect from a pass behind the net.
  • Bieska…you know, I don’t wish ill will on anyone but with him I may make an exception. He deliberately threw an elbow (and missed) on Williams and got a penalty. I would like to see Bieska spend about a month or two on IR after taking a dirty hit. Take that medicine and learn from it you piece of dog…moving on…
  • The Kings got another great chance. Brayden (with a solid period) just missed the net when he had Luongo out of position. He just shanked it a bit from the right side of the net (very close to where Zeus missed). The shot was from a sharp angle and it did need to be a snipe to get in.
  • Luongo looked like a raquetball wall the way he was giving up rebounds. Keep it up Rubbertoe. Give them, we’ll take them and bury them…and you.
  • Notice the Kings matched the Canucks’ speed, stride by stride. That wasn’t there last season. The fourth line is fleet of foot.
  • Kings get the powerplay with 53 second left. Too many ugly bastards on the ice.
  • Quick playing well. In control. More on Quick in the “Goalie Tracker” page, above, after the game.


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