I would like to thank coach Murray for listening to my pleas to put Zeus on the powerplay while taking Stoll off it. Notice the result. We set it up with Jack and Drew at the blue line. Simple wrist shot by Brown, traffic provided by Smyth and Zeus, Williams with the rebound.

The third period resembled the first with the more wide open style. Once again, the Kings’ speed matched that of the Canucks and, more importantly, our boys drove the Canucks’ defense back by playing a puck possession game.

The Kings started the overtime like they were on the powerplay and then they actually got one! With 2:25 left, Kevin Bieska gets a karma is a bitch penalty after setting a pick against Doughty. I prayed for Stoll not to be on the powerplay but, alas, he was. Smyth set up office in front of Luongo. He had time to get a cup of coffee and save his spot. Lots of chances, Luongo did come up big although he never had to make a save on Stoll. Why? Shot number 1 – High and wide. Shot number 2 – High and wide. Shot number 3 – Fanned. Shot number 4 – Blocked. Despite Stoll’s ineffectiveness, the Kings had chance after chance to put this game away. Apart from Jarret, Kopitar has to be more deceptive. He showed pass all the way on each of those plays.

Off to the shootout we went.

Vancouver went first.

Quick did his impression of Gumby on a Mason Raymond attempt. Raymond made three moves, Quick did not bite but Mason still darn near tucked the puck in on the backhand. Quick’s streeeetch of the pads kept it out.

Kopitar was up next and he made Luongo look like Eddie Murphy impersonating Gumby. To say that Luongo bit on the shoulder fake is being kind.

Kesler did his best impression of a hack and if Kopitar’s goal was the F***, Jack provided the YOU to Luongo and the Canucks.

A few tidbits:

  • Drewiske has to get better with the puck. His inability to skate the puck out of trouble and stay on his skates causes turnovers.
  • Jack is playing better than Doughty. Yeah, I said it. I even wrote it. I have no worries for Drew. I am just damn impressed with Johnson.
  • Quick had a solid game. He still has to get better handling the puck but beside straying from the net one time and nearly passing the puck on a Canuck stick, I will take this game from the first head of our two-headed dragon any time.


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2 replies

  1. Exciting game… was on the edge of my seat from the 3rd period on.

    It is hard to confidence in Stoll on the powerplay.

    Quick played pretty good. That goal could not be stopped. The jersey and those leather pads were very reminscent of Mario Lessard. All he needed was that Hanibal Lecter type mask.

    Gotta hand it to Kopitar, coming out and still playing his game after getting injured like that…

  2. I would prefer a hickey or fransson in drewiskies spot…


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