The game slowed down and so did the Kings.

  • Kings powerplay – Stoll has changed his shot. He has shortened his wind-up (about 1/2 of full). He is trying to get the shot low and on net. Good man. Rebounds don’t happen if you don’t shoot on net.
  • Kopitar had another high percentage scoring chance with 17:22 left. Right in front of the net. Puck just needed a soft deflection in.
  • The ghost of Ivanans is alive and well in Kevin Westgarth. He took his second dumb penalty, again away from the play, this time interference. Kevin…stop it. You are pissing Surly off. Again…Calgary’s powerplay sucks.
  • Doughty gave one back. Put Brendan Morrison into the boards with a spine rattling hit.
  • 13:46 left. Stoll-Williams-Schenn (ask Surly how that line combo happened) and Brayden damn near put it in. Kiprusoff wasn’t sure he had it. Brayden is messing with us now. You know this kid got 99 points in less than 60 games last season, right? I expect nothing less for the Kings.
  • Stoll had the kind of play I expect from him. Used his speed, lower his shoulder, bee line for the net, nearly scored and Richardson had a better rebound attempt.
  • Conroy got a roughing penalty against Doughty. Craig, come on man, you were one of us. The least you can do is take a double minor.
  • Watching the Kings’ powerplay is getting frustrating. They can’t set it up because they are indecisive when they have the puck at the point. The Kings paid dearly for their inability to set up the play on a Jack Johnson turnover. Bernier missed with the poke check (all or nothing), Glencross pulled it inside and right and just like that, 1-0. Jack looked awful in all three zones on that play. It happens. I do want to know what Drew was doing as well. He stopped skating and watched the play develop.
  • Doughty saved a goal when Mitchell was caught with a bouncing puck. Doughty in the middle backed off and took away the cross ice by diving down and breaking it all up. Give credit to Willie for getting back and also getting his stick on the ice.

This period sucked. Why? It’s called options: If you skate into the zone with only one in mind and it doesn’t materialize, the play goes the other way. For goodness sake, skate, create space by getting players to the net and forcing the defenders to spread out. We are constantly getting outnumbered in the offensive zone.

One last note, I am pretty sure the Flames are jumping one defenseman in on every single offensive opportunity. That should spell odd numbered chances the other way. Come on boys. Put it in and put them away.


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  1. Jack Johnson’s response to the shorthanded goal in the press is starting to move me into the camp calling for him to get traded. It was very nonchalant about how they couldn’t get the puck to settle down, but the Flames got a bounce and got the shorthanded tally, but it was OK because it’s early in the season, and there’s a long way to go. BS!!!! You couldn’t get it to settle, but they sure did. This is a conference foe we are talking about, in a highly competitive conference! Every point is critical, and you cannot be OK with losing even one, let alone two, ON YOUR MISTAKE!!!! That is NOT COOL, JACK!!!! Get your head out of the terminal end of your digestive tract and into the game! He has to realize that he is GREAT trade material for his skill level, and if he can’t bring the attitude with it, then Lombardi should start shopping him around! God, that kind of thing p***** me off! Someone with that attitude belongs on the Ducks!!!


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