Kings came out ready and did everything but score. Let’s take a look at the first.

  • The second line, which appeared to play most of the period, had jump and generated good scoring chances. Hungry around the goal. Williams had the first solid scoring opportunity. It all started by Jack Johnson’s pass from the defensive zone.
  • Doughty performed a magic trick about 3 minutes into the game. He ran out of room on a drive around three Flames’ defensemen so he created room by going wide and then laterally back in by lowering the shoulder, digging in on his edge and moving at speed toward the goal. If the puck would have settled down, he may have put it in.
  • Schenn has done everything but score. Put one in already. I am ready to cheer.
  • A lot of speed through the neutral zone by both teams but mostly the Kings.
  • Rene (it’s not a girl’s name in French) Bourque got his clock rung in a collision with Kevin Westgarth. No penalty. Kevin was disappointed by the non call so he took a penalty shortly thereafter for hooking in the offensive zone. Come on Kevin. You gotta be smarter than that. Fortunately, nothing happened. Poni blocked a shot and looked hurt but seemed to shake it off. Richardson nicely drew a penalty. A measure of a player’s intelligence with the puck, while along the boards, he focused on getting the puck out and protected it (spun his body to get it between the checker and the puck), causing the checker (Brodie) to pull him down.
  • Kings could not score. Meanwhile, the Flames took their second run at Doughty. The Kings’ primary problem on the powerplay is that they are getting outnumbered on the boards. The puck has to move lateral across the ice to force defenders away from the boards where the play opens up. Kings didn’t get a shot on goal on this man advantage.
  • Kopitar had a beauty of a chance with 7 minutes left. He drove to the right side, deked, should have had Kiprusoff beat but the puck deflected side.
  • The Flames powerplay continued to suck after Johnson took a penalty. It was a discretionary call. It was a good penalty to take. He doesn’t block the defender with the puck bouncing around and behind him and there may be a good scoring opportunity.
  • Kings drew a penalty at the end of the period. Kopitar was high sticked (what else is new). Robyn (also a girl’s name by the way) Regehr was the perpetrator.

I want to see Smyth and Zeus on the powerplay, getting their butts to the front of the net with a Johnson or Doughty shot, deflection, score. Ready, set, go!

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