We’ve had two games to watch some of our new rookies in action.  How do you feel about their effectiveness thus far? Who do you think will stick it out for the long haul?  We’ll throw in Lewis and Loktionov for good measure, even though we haven’t seen them dress yet.

You may feel this is premature, but hey, that’s what predictions are for!  Pick as many as you like.

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  1. I voted for Muzzin, Schenn, Clifford and Westgarth. I know that Westy has made a few bonehead plays, and he hasn’t dropped the mitts yet, but my gut tells me we’ll keep him. Muzzin and Schenn have shown the best potential of the bunch and hopefully they get really firing on all cylinders real soon. They will, somehow you just know it. And I’m just going with a gut feeling on Clifford.


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