Two things happened yesterday in the NHL.

Chicago’s Niklas Hjalmarsson hit the Sabre’s Jason Pominville from behind, leaving the Buffalo forward in a heap on the ice for nearly 5 minutes before the medical team could safely put him on a stretcher and get him off the ice.

Pominville was concussed and had a gash above his eye.

See the dirty hit for yourself, if you haven’t already:

Hjalmarsson was suspended today by the league for a whopping two games.

James Wisniewski was also suspended today for two games due to an incident from the Islanders/Rangers game yesterday.

What did Wisniewski do to receive the same penalty as Hjalmarsson?  He must have hurt someone right?  I mean, scaring a building full of people and having someone’s family at home thinking their son might not wake up comes with the lofty sentence of missing two games, so Wisniewski must have done something bad too.



You catch it?

He, without words, told Sean Avery that he likes to suck on a man’s penis.  Something over half the world’s population do for fun.  Something I imagine hockey players say to each other all the time on the ice.  And that’s probably some of the nicer stuff that gets said beyond the reach of the telecast’s mics.  Its called trash talking and its a part of sports.  All sports.

Somehow, in Colin Campbell’s deranged head, a well known and oft used gesture (you know you’ve done this to someone at some point in your life, even if you won’t admit it) is equally as offensive an incredibly dirty hit that could have ended a player’s career.

I know the NHL will say that they are separate issues, handled and punished separately, but the message is clear.

– The NHL is not willing to dole out the kind of punishment for dirty hits that will lead to quantifiable deterrence.

Also, the NHL wants to suck player personality (negative personality – you know, the kind that gets attention; see: basketball, baseball, football) out of the game.

That’s what I take from this.

Does anyone think Wisniewski really deserved to be suspended for that?  Does the toughness the league covets not also translate to the mind?

This really bothers me.  Does it bother you, or do you agree with the league?

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  1. Colin (Colon, think about what comes out of there)Campbell is out of his mind if he is trying to equate those two incidents. Hjarlmarsson’s vicious, vicious hit only gets two games, and that is supposed to equate with a incident? And one that was started by Avery during pregame warmups ( I hunted for a clip of this, cause I swear that I saw one, but couldn’t find it.)! This is utter bulls***! Colon Campbell is a complete a$$hole.

  2. Yes wiz is a sick bastard kick him out for a while. Also I was thrown out by Hammond from his pathetic blog I would really like to be welcomed here. Thank

  3. Agree with the point–the idea of “equivalence” between these two transgressions is embarassing. It makes the league look like morons.

    Wisniewski’s display probably does deserve some token punishment, maybe a game suspension just to send a message. There are kids watching games and they probably shouldn’t see something like this. Having said that, the gesture fits well on Avery.

    Now the problem with these penalties is not so much how long the Wisniewski suspension is, but how short the Hjalmarsson suspension is for a very dirty cheap shot. Should be out for, let’s say, 10 games, which would hurt the offender in the wallet pretty bad, and also hurt his team.

    To make these equally punitive is a joke.

  4. Also I forgot to add hjalmarssons play was just a poor timed hockey play didn’t really look malicious to me anyway. Wisnieski is now as bad as Avery if not worse. He should pay if you ask me. Thanks for reading.

    • I see how you can call it a poorly timed hockey play. I argue that it was just a poor decision. Hjalmarsson can make that play without violently hitting Pominville in the back. You have to be aware of when the Guy you are lining up is in a vulnerable position. Sometimes its bad luck or a Guy turns at the last second to put himself in a vulnerable spot. I don’t see this as one of those cases. Pomonville had his back to Hjalmarsson the whole way. In that situation the legal, safe play is to stick check Pominville or tie him up, not destroy him.

      • Whatever dude shit like this will always happen due to the speed and tenacity of the game. It will happen several more times this year and almost always the offender will be sorry for his action. That’s hockey dude. Playing Grabass and blowjob scheraidze is not. Thank-you and goodday.

        • Please. Talking trash is part of anything competitive. I don’t understand how someone can be fine with a malicious hit but be offended by a gesture. It doesn’t compute with me.

          Ofcourse stuff is going to happen, people will get hurt, but are you going to take it so far as “oh well, shit happens” and not put any responsibility on the shoulders of the person doing the hitting? Being sorry isn’t always enough. I don’t want to take the hitting or toughness out of the game by any means, but a stiff penalty for a hit like this will make players think twice before they nail someone in the back. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

          • No it wont. If everybody is always mulling over should I shoiuldnt I then players will be like lifeless turtles. Wisniewski is an idiot. If he wants to talk trash by all means. Don’t demonstrate it in front of thousands. Beer league.

          • You realize that if you extrapolate your argument, then in the event of telecasts using long range shotgun microphones that pick up what players say, then you would also have to be against talking trash, cursing and such.

          • Um I don’t know what extrapolate means but no I can’t see anyone going to the lenghts of honing in on what players are saying to each other. Players may get used to it but it may not have a tottaly positive effect as it will slow down the game and make players paranoid. Extrapalate that.

          • And 80 years ago no one thought there would be camera’s zooming in close enough to see someone give the bj gesture. 20 years ago no one thought such a video would or could be posted on a thing called youtube for everyone to watch over and over and over.

            How about this then… should Doughty have been suspended because they had a close up camera on him when he VERY CLEARLY said “I will hipcheck the shit out of you?” What about all the times that I’ve read player’s lips saying things like “you pussy” or “fuck me” or “fuck you”.

            Come on, its very clear this is only an issue because its different. Its not worse than other things that go unpunished, just different, something that draws attention and the league is terrified of negative publicity.

            This is akin to the issue of cursing in the stands as well. Why is it acceptable to let your kid watch people punch each other in the face but not to hear a curse word? Priorities be all messed up.

            I’ll take it one further, why is it OK for a child to watch blood and carnage on TV, but not to see a pair of tits?

            OK fine, so I take back my point. This is not just the league’s problem, its Western Culture in general. Backasswards.

          • I don’t know dude. I’m just happy you’re writting blogs and not in charge. So you want to be a pro hockey player make sure you’re covered for concussion broken bones dental lacerations. Violence is the nature of the game everyone knows it when you come to the rink. What you don’t expect is or news to is assclowns who make a mockery of my beloved game. Doughty is a terrible example by you. His actions are tottaly unrelated. Wiz actions is just not hockey and I have never seen anyone do that in any pro sport and hopefully never will again. Its more related to the way Avery and phaneuf went at it it has nothing to do with anything and obviously lots of people took notice. Don’t worry dude you will figure it out one of these days. Atleast you’re not a bitch like Hammond later

          • Well, atleast you’re happy about something :)

            I know violence is in the game’s nature. I LOVE that it is. The Avery-Phanuef thing was silly too. One of the things holding back the sport from being more popular with casual fans is that the player’s are hard to relate to if you aren’t already linked in to hockey. We don’t get a good sense of who these people are and the majority of sports’ fans out there want to identify in any way they can with the athletes they watch. Not to mention much of the league doesn’t speak English very well.

            I think controversy is a good thing in sports, so long as the controversy doesn’t revolve around the referees.

            We clearly see things very differently, which is fine. As you can see, I love a good argument. You are welcome to post here anytime and say whatever you want really. I don’t even care if you are an ass about it… though I can’t speak for Bobby.

            I am curious to hear you elaborate on why Wiz’s gesture bothers you beyond “its not hockey”.

          • And I disagree about lifeless turtles. It will be like any other change… players will be confused for a while until they get the hang of it. Within no time it will be second nature… the same way it is for players who know how to hit clean. Its not that different than the rule changes with hooking and such that took place after the lockout. Sure it still happens, but it happens much less than it used to before it started being punished.

          • Its simple really. The game I love is blood any guts. All that other assclowning and dancing and all that gay shit is the NFL and if you like that sort of thing then you should watch them. I don’t like his actions because the message it sends. Its not about the team its about me I’m an assclown. Ask yourself would messier do it? Would lidstrom? How would they feel about stupidity like that. I wouldn’t want my kid acting like that either. If he fights its for the team. Amen.

          • Fair point. I will concede that the needs of the team outweigh the ego of the individual.

            But where do you draw the line with the role of the pest? Agitating another team into either making mistakes It taking penalties can be for the good of the team and at the same time be selfish. If Avery goads Wiz into doing what he did, isn’t that better for his team for Wiz not to take a penalty? Or if something like the bj gesture were to goad the other team into a penalty. Is that not good for the team?

            In a blood and guts sports that has 30 teams to fill, not everyone is going to be a model of conduct like Messier. For a looooong time there have been assholes in the game. You are discriminating between different ways of being an asshole.

            Fine give the two minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct. That’s what its there for. But we don’t dole out suspensions for aggravated hooking If holding do we?

          • Fuck it dude I see this argument going on forever. I will think that things like that are just plain sick pointless and unnecessary and you will forever believe that its all in good fun and will make personalities blossom. Cool agree to disagree. Lets argue bout some other shit now I’m bored with this. Does Heidi androl have the squarest jaw you’ve ever seen? How bout that shit? She’s still kinda cute but damn.


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