Well everyone says so.

But sometimes you get lucky.

Hard works tends to coalesce exponentially with luck.  For most of the game, the hard work was only there in short spurts.  As a result, the luck went the other way.  Posts rung harshly, near misses (George Carlin would kill me for typing that) a hair off their mark, a goofy giveaway for a 1-0 deficit against the visiting Atlanta Thrashers.

Sometimes the better team wins, just because they should.

Consider this one of those times.  Jonathan Quick earned every bit of his first star of the game, bailing the Kings out of several penalties and even more poor passes and giveaways.  Ryan Smyth grabbed the snake that had its fangs firmly in his wrists by the neck, strangled it and threw it into the bonfire, scoring 2 goals and adding an assist.

My voice hurts.

For the past several months, I’ve been trying to break a bad habit; biting my nails.  Well recently I overcame that annoying habit and for the first time in years have real life, human finger nails.  You can blame the Kings’ first two periods for the demolition of my thumbnail.

But the rest of them remained in tact, my nerves easing and frustration subsiding as the Kings put their 15 minutes of hard work to the best use in the third period.

After three games in four nights, I’m sure the Kings need the next three days rest as much as myself.

Always and forever,


Wait… there’s more.  Just a couple of quick notes:

– Bad timing for the plaza at LA Live to be closed off to a private party.  I hereby express on behalf of all the Kings’ fans I spoke to tonight annoyance and mild anger for an unexpected detour to Staples Center.

– No roster cards were handed out before the game.  What the hell is that about?  Did they forget?

– Oh yeah, GO KINGS GO!

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  1. Well if they are going for the cardiac kids moniker for the season all they have to do is put up a few more of those efforts and they should have them. I wonder if they’ll let me watch them in ICU?

  2. Murray (the coach, not you) needs to give line combos a chance. 3 games in and he’s fucking around…give the players a chance to get to know each other’s tendencies. You failed to mention what a strong game Simmonds had. He seemed to do some hard work in ALL THREE periods! Don’t know if I like the line he’s on.

    • While Simmonds and Zus are hard to break up, I LOVED what I saw when, after Zus got shaken up a bit in the second period (I think), Simmonds got thrown out there with Richardson and Schenn. Those three worked marvelously together.

      You are right though, Simmonds did have a good game. His best yet, but he can still do better.

  3. A win is a win, but still looking for a goal that isn’t the trash being put away. Great effort being put out by this young team – pair that up with a few scraps and a never give up attitude and my ass is planted in front of the tube every night.

    Three points in three games. Let’s keep it up.

    • 4 points in three games. Don’t shortchange us ;)

      But yeah… a pretty goal at some point would be nice, but fact of the matter is that this team is not built for pretty goals and Murray’s system is all about trash goals.

      As for a few scraps… what scraps? I’m still waiting for Westgarth to hit someone in the face and do his job.


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