Since his resignation from the team, I have only passively followed Mark’s case. Recall that before the resignation we covered it extensively in a first and second Q&A with prominent Washington D.C. attorney, David Benowitz. Well, guess what? His trial was set to start Tuesday, October 12 and on that date, the prosecution dismissed the charges. No explanation given. We wish Mark the best with his family.

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  1. Kinda sucks for Mark, he basically ended up losing his job from this affair. We’ll probably never know what happened, and at this point may not care, but it is nice to hear that it was not in the realm of criminality.

    John Stevens seems like a pretty good coach for defense. Certainly the penalty kill so far shows this. I don’t know what to say about Kompon.

    Anyhow, I hope Mark finds work somewhere in professional hockey. I was in the stands at the forum when he scored his first NHL goal against the Islanders in round 1 of the playoffs. This was the year that the Islanders went on to beat the Flyers for their first Cup…

  2. @Steve, did you really not read/hear what happened? He went to Vegas with his family, had a heavy night of drinking with his daughter, and then made inappropriate advances towards her while she slept. She awoke to find him in bed with her, and immediately called the police… It was incredibly near the realm of criminality!

  3. I kind of had the feeling that this was going to happen. The daughter filed the complaint and the D.A. ran with it, but when the time came to actually take the thing to trial, she had rethought the situation, or just couldn’t face getting back on the stand and reliving it, and without her, the prosecution has no case, so the charges got dropped. This is the best for the family, then the story quietly fades from the public eye, and hopefully, the family can heal.

  4. Who knows what really happened. I am not prepared to pass any judgment. The whole thing sounded really wierd (a guy and his daughter?) somewhat hard to believe, unless the guy really has a screw loose. We’ll never know…

  5. I went to high school with Mark back in the 70’s We graduated together in 1976 . We were good friends and he was A great guy. I am still having trouible understanding what happened that nite…. I do wish him luck in his future… Too bad this decision was not handed down before he quit his job with the Kings…



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