There was something special about tonight. I felt it when I saw the spot lights emanating from Staples Center above Los Angeles. Kings’ fans looked hostile. We wore scowls. We looked for a reason to pick a fight but the problem with Canuck fans in L.A. is their men are generally 4’11” and struggle with basic hygiene. Nobody wants to wear the stench of a bloodied whale. That may be a tough one to explain to the wife.

We came into tonight’s game after a dominating third period against the Thrashers. I had the sense it may carry over. It did…and how…

The Kings’ goals came from Stoll, Williams and a couple from Brownie. Vancouver’s lone goal hatched from one of the zygotes.

Throughout most of the game, I found myself focused on our defense, even when we had the puck. I have accepted that we have a good defense. I am warming up to the fact we may have one of the best in the league. While Doughty and Mitchell are still adapting to one another, they get better each game. Doughty started to resemble his old self mid way through the game. Johnson is doing something I saw from him in the Olympics and playoffs – a consistently high level of play. His body language, calm demeanor on defense and seamless passing (including the beauty tonight on Stoll’s stick) has me wound up that he is steadily climbing toward his potential of an all-star in this league.

Meanwhile, our boy Jake got his first assist. I cheered like he was my son after his name was announced.

Whiskey had his best game of the season. Toward the end of the third, a thought occurred to me. Who goes down after Greene returns? That may be another article.

The positives from tonight’s match are simple:

  • Williams’ game has reached another level. He is backing off defenseman with his skating. His weaving and opening of lanes once he crosses the blue line with the puck is nearly orgasmic.
  • Stoll has clicked with Smyth and Williams. We have a second line.
  • 5 on 5 scoring? No problem tonight. Each of our goals were at even strength. Now, let’s fix that powerplay.
  • Quick is in the zone. He made one save that looked far easier than it should. Full speed lateral move with stick on the ice and pads covering the low corner stops a low and hard one timer. I gasped.
  • Kopitar’s burst of speed and cut through the center that resulted in Brown’s first goal made me comment – good grief Anze, do that more!

There was so much awesome out there, but I have to leave something for Surly to write about after he stops celebrating this win. I have the sense my boy won’t be feeling any pain tonight…tomorrow on the other hand…

I could go into a few areas of concern that did show tonight, but I will save that for tomorrow. We have 4 days off between this game and the next. Plenty of time to talk puck.

Enjoy the victory. It was earned. Nucks have been weight and measured. They are left wanting.


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  1. Brown the clown hero of the game capitalizing on the great plays made by others. Quick the number 1 star should be thanking the hard backchecking hustle and defenceman play. Muzzin and ponikqrovsky look great. Why isn’t schenn playing a greater role? All around stellar thus far. Loktionov looks weak to me. Later.

  2. Not the outcome I was hoping for. The Canuck tradition of weak October starts continues. A healthy Burrows back on the 1st line and Samuelson on the second will go along way to a cure the offensive woes imo.

    Solid win LA. Quick was looking good.

  3. I still think that Muzzin brings more to the table than Drewiske. Maybe Harrold is waived for Greene’s return? Make Drewiske the #7 defenseman.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Muzz is the real deal and it would be a shame to see him go.

      In all honesty… if Drewieski left (manch or where ever).. It would hit me the same as it did when Purcell left.. No i’ll feelings, No excitement… Just nothing.

      However. If the Muzz gets sent back to JR.. It would totally bum me out. Just Love this kid. I reacted the same way Bobby did when he got his 1st point (I may have even gotten a little misty).

      And though I hear you about Harrold… There’s really no better player to have sitting in your press box night after night. The guy’s a fucking Home Depot. He plays every position, and can come out on a moments notice and deliver a moderate performance after not seeing ice time for 2 months..

      I’d Honestly hate to be TM/DL when Greene comes off IR.. But that’s one helluva problem to have.

      Go Kings Go!!!

  4. harrold is too cheap and versatile to be waived, so i don’t think that eliminating him solves the defensive logjam. i think muzzin goes back to manchester for the rest of the season, barring injury. i mean, he’s still 21, playing there won’t hurt him, and he’s kind of lowest in seniority among the defenders currently with the big club.

    as for the game itself, a lot of guys stepped up tonight. it was definitely drewiske’s, kopitar’s, and brown’s best game so far. if kopitar makes a season-long habit of moving his feet and going to the middle like he did last night, he could score 100 points.

    on the canucks’ side, i feel similar to how i felt after the atlanta game. the canucks played pretty well for most of the game. they had a lot of chances, especially in the first two periods. their penalty kill was excellent. the difference was timely goals, and i think the kings’ defense was generally stronger in front of the net.

  5. Powerplay is a concern. Only one shot? Yikes.

    Get to work Kompon.

  6. IMO

    Nothing like winning ugly and this is the team that you need to play ugly against. Vancouver was handed two games to think about…for the rest of the season.

    Meanwhile it looks like the Kings are starting to regain last season’s character and while a little soon to tell but Quick looks new and improved.

    Other then doing an excellent job on the PK, Poni was visible in the neutral and offensive zone for the 1st time this season.

    Loktionov seems badly outclassed last night and Mitchell looked better then Hamhuis.

    Drewiske played his best game of this and last season. OK for a #5D but still waiting for the return of “take the body” Greene.

    Rypin appeared to have second thoughts about dropping the gloves.

    Burrows may have made a difference but against the Kings Samuelson is more effective on their 1st line.

    If Smyth any gas left for the playoffs, look out.

  7. Last nights hame was solid. Foxie said we did have a few caught unawares plays..true but our players have the skills to repair.Muzzin is great.
    Need to keep him. Love the Brownie line. They are clicking. So glad Justin is back to old self. Adds speed to line. Loltionov also..waiting for him to breakout. I have made a nickname for him. Latte..cause he is Smooth. :)

  8. Five on five the Kings hung with Vancouver last night, and capitalized on the few shots they took in the first two periods. There were several times last night when I thought the Kings were going to start chasing the Canucks around, which is a habit they got stuck repeating last year a lot and it cost them (most often late in the game). All of our defensemen need to concentrate on clearing the zone with the puck, there were some atrocious decisions made throughout the game, and without a few lucky bounces and our forwards coming back so deep to help out, it would have been a different game. Quick was outstanding – brick wall outstanding. Drewiske was great, Kopitar finally gave us a pretty goal (nice assist – all Brownie had to do was stand up straight and push it in). Simmons is still looking for the red light but he looked good as well.

    The power play is monstrous – I don’t know that I ever remember it being so pathetic. No shots, no passes, we can’t even carry it over the line without tripping on each other. That’s going to be a real problem soon – I hope the players are getting their heads right and are concentrating on improving that.

    Overall – finally a scrap (nice uppercut Simmons), some crushing checks, and some pretty play – I’d call it a big night with glimpses of what’s to come. Go Kings!


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