I like to consider myself a tolerant person.

Turns out I’m not.

You see, I can barely tolerate the Vancouver Canuck’s on television.  Watching them live?  Oy vey.

Dealing with their fans?

There’s a reason ‘Canucks’ rhymes with ‘Schmucks’.

Tonight those of us taking the trip down to Staples Center have to put up with both.  I apologize on behalf of British Columbia.

Someone down at scheduling for the NHL decided that within 4 games of the season, the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks needed to play each other twice.  The first game, the season opener for both teams, Vancouver fell to the Kings in a shootout.  Tonight those who call the slime green sisters their own look for revenge.

Jonathan has something to say about that.

Which Jonathan?  So far we don’t know for sure.  Coach Terry Murray has not said who he is starting in goal tonight, but I think its fair to assume it will be Quick.  The reigning Johnny.  I guess this is a good time to explain that during the last game, my season seat neighbor and I wondered, which goalie do we call “Johnny” or “Johnny boy”?  We decided it is only fair to refer to whoever is playing better at the moment be the one and only Johnny for a given time.  So while Bernier had a fairly strong outing in Calgary, Johnny has been the first star in two starts, holding the Canucks and the Atlanta Thrashers to a measly goal a piece.

Johnny be good.

On the skating side of things, Murray has given the new look first line of Loktionov-Kopitar-Brown a stay of separation execution.  No word yet on whether the other lines will change.

The Canucks will likely have all the same ugly faces in their lineup tonight.

To fill your anathema quotient for the day, check out these generic game previews:

CBS Sports

The Los Angeles Kings were pleased with themselves after ruining the Vancouver Canucks’ home opener last week. The Canucks, though, have very pleasant memories of their last two visits to Staples Center.

Kings Official Site

“We have to relax out there,” Daniel Sedin told the team’s official website. “We were probably squeezing our sticks a little bit too much and that can happen at the beginning of the season. I think we need to play more relaxed and we’ll be fine, we have a lot of talent on this team.”

I did find one game preview that goes beyond the call of the perfunctory:

From none other than the conglomerate SB Nation, comes Sean Zandberg via Nucks Misconduct, where the Canucks are Jesus and the Kings are the dead bad guys turned good who save Middle Earth from Sauron’s evil army.

Have you forgotten about the Canucks 3rd period atrocity against the Ducks on Wednesday? Me neither. But I know what will help: laying an ass-kicking on the Kings, a team that spoiled our open night ceremonies last Saturday. It won’t be easy. I watched Los Angeles beat the Thrashers on Tuesday. In a close game they stayed true to their system and shut down Atlanta while burying them in the 3rd period in a 3-1 win. It was a 3 point night for crease crasher Ryan Smyth.

Sean posted some nice video, including an old old school brawl between the Canucks and Kings, so check out the link.  Leave a snarky comment if you feel so inclined.

Now the Kings have won two games coming from behind in the third period.  That was fun, but I have no interest in such a game tonight.  It is time for the Kings to come out of the gate strong and bury one or five of their frequent but so-far unsuccessful scoring chances.  Johnny can’t win every game by himself.  Time for Kopitar and Schenn to bury some of those chances they keep dangling in front of us like ever-so-tasty tic-tac-carrots.

Alas, this is beyond our control,

So for now,

Only one thing matters though,


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5 replies

  1. The Kings must score on their shots that were hitting the posts in the first three games. No more excuses, no more chances, we need goals!

  2. The Vancouver and and Atlanta games were replete with scoring chances. I kinda get the feeling that they were sort of “bad luck” type misses (posts, shanked shots, missing open net etc.) or perhaps this is wishful thinking from an unobjective fan.

    So, it would be nice to have a game where the puck has eyes.

    Even the Ducks beat Vancouver you know…

  3. FYI, the image for the Canucks on that site nucksmisconduct is actually Jesus/Henrik Sedin photoshop. See the cunning?

    • I thought there was something bulbous and disgusting about that picture…

      But shouldn’t it be Luongo… because Jesus saves? Henrik doesn’t save… you must save yourself FROM Henrik (not a compliment ;) )!

  4. I was at our last playoff game and there were too many ‘nuckleheads’ around me! Very hard to be in your home building and hear the Blasphomey.
    They were beyond obnixous…so
    Good Luck
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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