The Devils are 1-1-4. I don’t care.

They lost again tonight, this time to the Bruins 4-1. Still don’t care.

MacLean’s statement to the media tonight: “Sometimes we think we read how we are on paper and other teams don’t really care. For this team to win, it’s not going to take one or two guys. It’s going to take all 20 guys night in and night out and that’s no different than any other team in the National Hockey League.”

Dear John, if it’s going to take 20 guys night in and night out, then call your boss…no, not Lamoriello, your real boss, Jeff Vanderbeek. I imagine the discussion goes something like this:

Jeff: “Hello?”

John: “Hey Jeff, it’s John, wanted to talk to you about the team.”

Jeff: “John who?”

John: “Um…John Maclean. Your coach, er, the coach of your team. The New Jersey. The Devils.”

Jeff: “I am selling the team.”

John: “Um. Ok. But, we need to talk about the team before you…”

Jeff: “I am selling the team.”

John: “That’s great Jeff but we have a problem now.”

Jeff: “Not my problem. Selling the team. Don’t call back.”

You see John, if it’s going to take 20 guys “night in and night out”, then forfeit the season now. Throw in the red towel with the cartoon devil’s tail on it and run weeping into the locker room. In case you haven’t been keeping up with Jeff’s team, you can’t put 20 guys in the lineup night in and night out.

Not gonna happen.

Hasn’t happened.

I get it though. You weren’t thinking at the time you made the comment. You have used the cliché before, it sounded good and used it again not realizing, “oh crap, I can’t say that. I will sound like a moron. The team can’t put out 20 players night in and night out. We are not like any other team. We are the league retards that are so strapped by the ownership’s incompetence and refusing to listen to Lamoriello that the Devils cannot afford paying Kovalchuk the contract he demanded that I have to make do with somewhere between 15 to 18 players each night. Can I say, ‘it’s going to take 15 to 18 players night in and night out and that is very different than every other team in the National Hockey League’ and still have the same oomph? Probably not. I better find another cliché.”

Find another cliché, John.

Find a few.

You’ll need plenty this season.

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  1. I’m sure any future owner won’t care that the team can’t sell out either. It’s all about the TV ratings. lol

    But, according to the Devils’ fans, the low attendance is only because the Yankees are playing in Texas.

  2. I hope when the Devils come in 2 weeks the Kings beat them badly. Some payback seems deserved for the greedy prick and his asshole agent dicking around our GM and fan base for 2 months…

  3. Kovalchuk said he liked playing with Josefson, though.

    “He’s a great centerman,” Kovalchuk said of the 19-year-old rookie. “He played in the Swedish Elite League last year and he did real well and it was good to play with him. We got a couple of opportunities early and then we got the 5-on-3 and I think that was kind of the turning point because we have to score those.”

    I wonder if Kovalchuk would rather play with Kopitar now… ;)

  4. I can’t help but think that the situation in New Jersey is going to become very toxic the longer this goes on. They can’t field a full team and they are getting beat night after night, and everyone knows who’s fault it is. The guy wearing #17 and their asshat owner. The real fans of the Devils shouldn’t have to put up with this. That team had built a splendid winning tradition, even if it was with the most boring brand of hockey imaginable, it was up to their competition to find ways to beat them at it, and now they are asked to put with this? It’s terrible what is happening there, because sooner or later the league will have to step in and pick up the pieces there, and there’s no reason for it. There’s a giant hockey market there, and this idiot McLean and this greedy bastard Kovalchuk, are destroying it. When they slink onto the ice at Staples, the Kings should just pile it on them. Run up the score, and if Kovy wants to drop the gloves again, we HAVE to oblige him.

    • I don’t think MacLean has anything to do with it. He was put in a position to fail. This is all on Vanderbeek and, to no small extent, Lou for allowing it to happen. Lamoriello knew or should have known this lay ahead. I don’t know if it was an issue of doing everything he could to tell Vanderbeek not to do this and Vanderbeek stating you do this or it is your job, or Lou being confident / arrogant enough to think he could pull it off. Whatever it is, we are seeing the consequences though only the beginning.

  5. OFF TOPIC , but on point with Stupid

    The Manchester Monarchs released Robbie Czarnik????

    Does that mean he is a free agent, or has to re-enter the draft first?
    He’s back with Plymouth in the OHL, was he not good enough for the Reign?
    Can anyone clear this up?

    • I’m fairly positive he is still King’s property. Just a matter of not making either team. I suppose the Kings felt he would be better served in juniors than with the Reign. I will look into it more though in the next day or two.

  6. Thanx gentlemen,

    I personally pegged him as our sleeper prospect, really stood out amongst the rookies and the men. There must be a method to this madness, I mean, they got him to drop college for juniors to advance his development. Holloway made his way through the Reign at 20, seems alarming that’s all.

  7. I watched a little of one of the Devils games and was shocked by how empty the arena was. I thought the main reason they wanted Kovi was to put asses in the seats. If this is working how bad were ticket sales last season.

    • Just as bad last season. It was a poor miscalculation if the Kovalchuk intent was to put butts in the seats. Stanley Cups couldn’t do it, they thought 1 Russian could? I still advocate Vanderbeek signed Kovy to bring a name so the team looked more attractive to potential buyers.


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