We’ve added another new feature and page to the site – video highlights! After each game, we will post the highlight video or videos on the page titled “VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS” at the top of your screen. We have uploaded the  highlight video of each game thus far. Remember to check back often because we will be adding videos as we find them. Between the new Goalie Tracker, Lineup Card, and now Video Highlights, is there any doubt how much we love our readers and fellow Kings’ fans?


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  1. You guys are B.A.! Love this blog. Look forward to everything and anything you guys put out.
    Cheers to your hard work and determination!

  2. Bobby, what media players do you have to have loaded up for the highlight clips? The clip of the Thrashers game I didn’t have the voice and the video synched up right for some reason.

  3. Watching the fowl vs. The dogs. Columbus and islanders are absolute fools passing on Fowler.


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