Hammond asked Terry Murray whether he would have a tough choice when Greene returns. The question (though Rich did not post it verbatim) appeared to ask about the choice between Drewiske and Muzzin. Our coach responded:

Whiskey has played well. I like a lot of Whiskey’s game right now. He’s coming back from a finish that wasn’t where it needed to be, and he’s showing a lot of confidence in his play. It’s not going to be a hard call. Greener will be in whenever he gets the green light and we feel that he’s physically on top of his game.

First and on a tangent, I am pleased that the nickname Whiskey has finally caught on such that even the coach calls him that. Now, we just have to get “Muzz” into Terry’s vocabulary.

Back on topic, the quote “it’s not going to be a tough call” bothers me on two levels. Forget whether I agree or disagree on whether or not it should be Whiskey or Muzz. We already covered that in The Focus article.

First, it’s an unnecessary statement and one that has to be deflating to Jake. When a coach talks highly of one player (Whiskey) and then follows it up with the conclusion that it won’t be a tough call between said player and another, he is telling the other (Jake) that he’s going down to Manchester. Even if coach Murray believes that, he should not speak it. It is a stab at Jake’s performance. It hurts his confidence. Now, Muzzin potentially skates into the next few games believing that no matter what he does out there, Whiskey is getting the nod over him.

Second, it’s an inaccurate statement. Murray doesn’t get the call on whether Jake stays or goes. Lombardi does. Thus, unless Dean has already decided to send Muzzin down and that has been communicated to our coach (which I doubt on both counts), Terry’s statement paints an inaccurate picture of what is to come.

I am disappointed in coach Murray’s statement. Let the two of them battle it out for the final spot before Greene returns and let that, and nothing else, make the decision, one about which Lombardi has the final word.

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  1. Bobby, i think you missed a key component. Well you actually touched on it. We dont know how the question was posed. Murray once before used a term along the lines of this statment but he was referring to the decision on Greens’s return. I have a feeling Murray was answering two questions. Whether the question was asked poorly or Murray simply misinterpreted it, I cant say.

    Though you could be right. I dont like it either way, but i have a feeling that specific quote was meant say that it wont be a tough choice to take someone out because Greene is definitely going back in as soon as he can. Whiskey and Muzz can both play their asses off and one WILL be coming out in favor of Greene. That is not a tough decision. Which one comes out is tough, otherwise Harrold would be playin right now. However the decision to take one out for Greene is easy.

    • If that is the case, Rich should delete that whole article and start over. I have read it 11 times and I just cannot see how that answer in any way relates to Greene being the tough choice. I don’t believe it does. It is about Greene coming back and the not so tough decision to put in Whiskey over Muzz. Whiskey does have to clear waivers. Jake goes straight to Manchester.

      • Well that’s a big factor as well. It is highly likely that before game 1 was even played that it had been decided Muzzin would be going down when Greene returned unless he lit world on fire. A small edge in play doesn’t outweigh waiver eligibility and seniority.

        But that’s very inside the box and less intriguing. ;)

        • I finally thought of the right way to phrase this:

          One question: “Both Drewiske and Muzzin have played well. Will it be a tough choice of which one to take out of the lineup when Greene returns?”

          That’s direct, and if that had been asked, then yes, the answer is all about the fact that its easy to say Whiskey stays over Muzzin.

          Another possible question: “Drewiske had what seemed to be his best performance on Friday. Does that make it a tougher decision when Greene returns?”

          That question is vague. I’m sure the real question is neither one of these to the letter, but you can see how the same answer can be given to both questions but mean different things.

          All Rich told us was “I asked Terry Murray today whether he would have a tough choice coming up when Greene returns.” That’s not enough info to go on when a single word can change to meaning of a question and its answer.

  2. This guy Doughty hasn’t impressed me, maybe they should send him down when Greener returns.

    • 17 hits and 6 blocks shots in 4 games. Also, a 2.

      Doughty is just fine. His scoring will pick up when the Kings play better on the PP.

      • He will be fine, of that I’m confident. But come on, you don’t see that he isn’t the same out there right now, the PP completely aside even? Doughty’s less than Doughty-good is still better than most people’s good, but we must only compare the elites to themselves and not the status quo for the rest.

        He WILL be fine, but right now, for Doughty, he is not quite fine. He’s got about 6 extra gears we haven’t seen this season so far.

        • I think Doughty is hitting everyone to show the league that he can take care of himself. Like telling everyone to “bring it on”.

          He will start taking chances once he gets to know Mitchell’s tendencies.

          Kopitar has zero goals right and I’m not worried about him either. The Kings are playing as a team and that bodes well for the playoffs, if they make it.

  3. I agree that it would be better to know how the original question was phrased, and also to have had a more complete answer, which would have included the details like Whiskey having to clear waivers, while Jake can go straight to Manchester. Of course we have no idea what Jake has been told by Dean or Terry in regard to this situation, if the decision has already been made. In part, Jake has to learn that you have to take anything that you see in the press in context, just like the rest of us do, in large part because you don’t have all the facts there to make a decision with. I love the way Muzz has played, but he probably hasn’t won a position over the fact that Whiskey would be subject to waivers if he were the one to be sent down when Greene returns. And from what we’ve posted here, I have little doubt that Muzz himself realizes that is part of the calculation into whether he ultimately stays with the club or goes to Manchester. That kid’s head is screwed on pretty straight.

  4. I think if you look at Hammond’s post regarding Doughty’s minutes you can gain another kernel of insight into how Murray is playing Muzz and what the thinking might be regarding him. They are definitely using these early games to get a better look at him, so that should help him more than hurt him in regards to winning the defensive position.


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