Kasey Spatz is at it again, gracing us with some more great shots, this time from this morning’s (Monday, 10/18) practice.

She got some slick close ups of the player’s, really capturing some nice moments.  Here are some choice selects.

Kopitar's smile never looking better (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Doughty joking around (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Something must have been really funny (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Focus (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Ewwww (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Such a great mask (photo by Kasey Spatz)

Man with a plan (photo by Kasey Spatz)


Please check out Kasey’s flickr page for the full set of photos.  There’s many more there, including plenty of actions shots.

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3 replies

  1. Those are some great shots. Kasey does wonderful work, and it’s fantastic that she’s willing to share it with us.

  2. Thanks for posting these, Surly!

    I don’t know why it was a day of funny faces, but I was laughing so loud when I was going through what I had shot! I’m glad that there are plenty of fans out there that can get a chuckle out of these just as I have. :)

    All I need now is access into Staples during a game!

    • What’s taking you so long with the access during games? Just tell the powers that be you are Kasey Spatz. When they ask “who?”, respond with “pfft” and walk past them like you own the place. Done and done. Get on it.


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