Here is the scene.

The Wild have handed the Canucks their butts.

It’s the second period.

The score is 5 to 1.

Then, this happens.

Rypien is a moron. I am not even sure the fan did anything. If that was Surly, Rypien may have tried to stab him with the stick blade.

Care to guess the imminent suspension length and fine amount?

Update: 6-1. Luuoooooooongoooooo!

Update II: Fan wasn’t ejected. He was moved to a different seat. Also, despite rule that requires game misconduct for interaction with fan, Rypien returned in the third period. Oops.

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  1. he’s a dumb ass … the nucks suck……luongo is getting smoked ………love it hahahaha woohoo………….

  2. Looks like Vancouver isn’t living up to the hype. And people are complaining that Doughty doesn’t have enough points.

  3. I am guessing 10 games gone, not for just the fan thing but striking a ref earlier as well. They moved the fans to glass seats after that.

  4. Wow that was hilarious! Thanks for posting. That fan definitely didnt deserve to lose his seat.

  5. geez Surley I had to read that twice..slowly.. to get it.. ouch on brain at evening hour!
    Unprofessional that was for sure.. now I am not making ANY judgements for Rypien..
    he stirred it up wtih our guys also.. but I can relate to having that enemy..
    fans in your building.. and some fans can be ..insert whatever word you want to use. Like I said in an earlier comment, the playoff game I attended with all those damn Nucklhead surrounding me, about made me go ghetto bulistic. It is really hard when you are hearing smack about your team, or I guess self in the above deal. Wouldn’t hurt to have some ‘professional conduct’ type of clinics done by the teams to help them deal with this.I see how overwhelming it can be for our baby boys when they first start.Besides all the presssure of playing.. now they are instant celebrities, without any prepartion for what comes being in the limelight about 24/7.
    I am just saying..

  6. What an asshole…mixing it up with a fan. Ten games sounds reasonable. I’m curious if the fan even said anything to him. Perhaps his only transgression was to wear a Wild jersey.

    The Canucks actually scored first, very early in the game. Ended up getting their ass beat…

  7. OK, to start with, the Canucks were in the Wild’s barn, so if you’re getting tossed, you have to expect to hear some grief from the hometown crowd while you head down the tunnel. Rypien is an idiot in this situation, and I have no problem with him getting suspended, but not for more than a game. You can tack on a healthy fine to it, but if you are not going to suspend Tortorella for throwing waterbottles and brandishing sticks at fans in a playoff game, for more than a game, than this doesn’t warrant more than a game either. The league has played this cute with the indefinite suspension, and scheduling the face to face hearing for Friday, which cuts Rypien from the rematch game in Vancouver, so the Canucks players cannot go after him on their own. This robs Staubitz of the opportunity to rematch their fight from earlier in the game, which apparently Rypien was trying to get when this incident started at the bench. I don’t want to see him get more than a game and a healthy fine out of this. They may fine the team as well, which is unfortunate.

  8. I’d take a few punches from Rypien…..because shortly after I’d have 2 glass seats the rest of the year, parking included. :)

    No excuse touching any fan, period. He has to be suspended for a good number of games. Maybe 6 games or 2 weeks, whichever one comes first. I really like Rypien, but these is not tolerable.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t care how much the fan was heckling. This is outrageous behavior. I want to see nothing less than 10 games though. This suspension has to hurt and send a message.

  9. I agree that Rypien (one of my favorites as well) needs to get suspended, and probably fined for this incident, but it has to be consistent with other recent similar incidents. Unfortunately, Colin (Colon-you know what comes from there) Campbell can hardly be called consistent in his rulings. He will try to use this as a message sending incident, and tack on a couple of games in the name of making his point. That’s unfair to Rypien.

  10. Rypien was in complete meltdown mode. Tortorella’s fun was during a playoff game and that is why it was only one game. If it happened during the season I say he may have gotten 5. That is not fair but the NHL does things different in the post season. Also the guy Torts went after was being a real pain. From the video of last night’s event the guy in the stands was being pretty calm. Maybe he said something stupid but he didn’t look too aggressive. Also Rypien pushed a ref/linesman that will factor into any penalty. He lost his cool and went after everyone in stricking distance. No one was hurt but I expect Rypien will be riding the exercise bike for 10 games. Also I expect Minni will be installing a glass divider between the players and those seats soon.

  11. I understand Colon Campbell can’t hand out consistent penalties from one week to the next, let alone between the regular and post seasons, but he should. I’ve got to double check the clip regarding Rypien shoving the official, but I thought that that occurred when he was trying to get at Staubitz again during the scrum by the bench, before he entered the tunnel. I don’t really think he ought to get penalized for that. I think that delaying the hearing till Friday, is just a convenient way of keeping Ripper off the ice for the rematch in Vancouver, without having to actually rule on it. Then they can suspend him only for the games he missed sitting around waiting for the hearing. Clearly his actions can’t be tolerated in regard to the fans. If he wants to fight, let him do it with an opposing player out on the ice. That I have no problem with.

  12. Here is a link to the altercation from the perspective of the Rogers Sportsnet broadcast team.

    I believe now, that I was incorrect in when I thought that the contact with the official occured. It apparently was just before he went down the tunnel and got into it with the fan, so that may well justify him getting more than a simple one game suspension, but I wouldn’t think that the five games that I have been hearing people call out for would be in order. Two games and a healthy fine, say $10-15K. That would make him think about keeping his altercations to players on the ice.

    No, Bobby, I don’t think that players fighting in the game leads to this sort of behavior. Nor does it excuse it.

  13. Musings from a hockey fan.

    – Rypien will get minimum 15-20 games for this altercation.

    – Rypien was just “seeing red” from the altercation and lost all reason. He went after anyone wearing a Wild jersey, be it fan or player. This was just an unfortunate incident.

    – The fan was “not” heckling Rypien or any other member of the Vancouver bench.

  14. 15-20 games is ridiculous for this incident. 5 isn’t outside the realm of possibility, and I would consider that on the harsh end of the scale. I’m not trying to excuse what he did, but when a coach only gets a game for hitting a woman with a water bottle, and brandishing a hockey stick at fans, this doesn’t rise to the level of 15-20. If he had taken a swing at the guy, maybe, but not for just grabbing him. Hell, Tie Domi only got a game for getting into an actual fight with a fan that toppled over the glass of the penalty box while he was inside it.

    • Disagree. 15-20 is about right. The league cannot slap a wrist over something like this. This league is trying to gain credibility with the general public. A play like this which is replayed over and over again and known by those who don’t even watch hockey gives the league the poor rep it has been trying to shed. Rypien is a reflection of the NHL, every player is right now.

      I give him 20 games minimum and don’t hesitate.

      • I understand what you are saying about the league trying to gain credibility, but how do you do that with inconsistent punishments handed out for similar incidents. I can’t see what happened there meriting more than 5 games and a healthy fine. You are trying to punish him, not crucify him. The league doesn’t gain any credibility going overboard here either. These punishments should be spelled out in negotiated terms. The fact that we are guessing what it will be is ridiculous, and detracts from the credibility of the league in itself.

  15. This is YouTube footage of the Tortorella incident. You can see the water bottle that he threw highlighted in it, and the woman he hit, holding her head.

    The irony of them starting this with a reference to the Hansens is not lost on me.

    Here is the clip of the Tie Domi incident

    If these incidents didn’t go above 5 games in suspensions there is no way that Rypien should get any more than that, but as I have said before, I know I can’t count on the consistency of Colon Campbell.

  16. Rypien has been suspended 6 games, and the team fined 25K That seems fair to me.


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