Back to back games have not been kind to the Kings. First Calgary and now this.

The Kings played an awful first period. The Kings’ defense was awful. Quick was awful. The Kings passing was awful. The latter issue was glaring through each of the periods as anything over 15 feet missed by several feet. I am not sure the Kings connected more than 2 consecutive passes during the entire game.

There are too many things that went wrong in this game and to spend time listing them is a waste of time. The bottom line is The Kings didn’t show up tonight and Terry Murray’s only answer was to juggle the lines.

I will leave you with this. The Kings have given up more shorthanded goals than they have scored powerplay goals. Let that sink in. That has to change now. You cannot win in this league on a consistent basis with a dismal powerplay. You also can’t do it if you stand around and watch the other team skate by you.

I would like to thank FSN for covering the Kings for 2.5 minutes after the game and immediately transitioning programming to the far more important UCLA Sports Report. That’s why Kings fans like myself tune in. We consider the Kings game just a transition to the scripted summary and interview regarding College sports.

Hey, it’s one game. It has passed. Let’s win the next.