If capacity at the arena was 8000, it still wouldn’t be a sell out. Perhaps everyone was using the restroom…otherwise known as the City of Glendale, Arizona.

Enough digs at the toilet bowl. Let’s talk puck.

Bryzgalov is a good goaltender. I respect him. I don’t want to play catch up against him. Alas, that is what we started to do in the first 10 minutes.

Quick’s first goal annoyed me. His struggle with the longer shots continues. More on this later. That play was cursed from the moment Lokti fell.

Someone please remove the WELCOME sign from Quick’s crease.

The second goal was Johnson just playing poor defense. Skating close to the forward isn’t defense. You actually have to take the passing lane away or tie up the stick.

It wouldn’t be a Kings game, win or loss, without Dustin Brown taking a penalty, eh boys?

The Kings’ defense looked porous. Just awful. Give the Dogs credit. They played a fabulous first, quick passes, puck possession, decisive drives to the net with or without the puck looking for rebounds Quick was very willing to give up.

On a bright note, we did play a good final minute of the period.


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  1. JMFJ better snap out of it!
    Getting tired of his sloppy plays.
    He has too much talent for That kind of BS.
    Brownie is just trying too hard to make up for everyone else’s short comings. He feels responsible as our leader. Lots of pressure least we forget.


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