It looks like if anyone is going to punish Erik Cole for his late hit on Drew Doughty, it will have to be Doughty himself.  Unfortunately the soonest that can happen is in the Stanley Cup finals as the Kings don’t play the Carolina Hurricanes again for the rest of the year.

We’ll break this apparent non-ruling down later and why Bobby and I think Colin Campbell and the league are about as consistent as a drum circle full of deaf people.

For now, just go ahead and pick your favorite expletive and insert here _____.

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  1. At the risk of being branded a heretic here, I kind of agree with this ruling, or non-ruling, if that’s what you want to call it. Unless someone can steer me to a better clip of the hit than the one that’s on here, I can agree that the puck was gone when he got hit, and that his head got hit, but from that clip I can’t say it was targeted. I’ve already said that I didn’t think it was a blindside hit. I would have preferred that someone went after Cole last night to exact vengence. It didn’t happen last night, and now it won’t happen this season, in all likelyhood. You can call me a barbarian for my fondness for fighting in hockey if you want, but I want my hockey hard hitting. I side with Mike Milbury in the feeling that even clean hits on star players warrant answering to. Now Eric Cole has injured one of our stars, and no one has made him answer for it. That is wrong in my opinion.

  2. They are reminding me of the officals that
    govern my job. The Stewards at the Southern
    California Thoroughbred Race tracks. And people win ir lose big $$ depending on their rulings!
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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