Looks like Cole was going for the blindside hit. Watch it several times. Cole never took his eye off Drew. Let’s hope the league sees it the same way and Cole is suspended at least 3 games (akin to Doan) and is rewarded with a lighter wallet. Punk.

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  1. Tough to make any clear-cut call based on that video. You can’t tell for sure if there was contact with Doughty’s head.

    • Deja vu. We were just having this discussion on Facebook. So our readers who aren’t on Facebook as friends / fans of “Bobby Scribe” can join in, I replied to Gann that the video is not the best though it is the best we have for now. I am not sure the head contact is the issue. It’s a blindside hit well after the puck is released. The only intent of that hit is to lay the player out and to do it after the puck is gone is especially dangerous because the skater isn’t looking for or expecting contact.

  2. I’ve run that clip several times and I believe I can see the headshot in it. The problem for me is that it doesn’t look to be all that blindside to me. They are kind of on an even plane with each other, so I don’t know if that counts as a blindside hit. The puck is clearly gone, and contact to the head seems to be made, I’m just not sure if I could call it a blindside hit.

  3. Soooo late. Jesus. I didn’t see an elbow, but this should carry a two game suspension. I don’t think it was too much of a blindside either… borderline, but absolutely way too late to be hitting somebody, let alone coming up on them in the head.

  4. League has ruled “No harm no foul”

    per TSN
    While there had been some speculation that Cole would face possible supplemental discipline for the hit, the NHL feels the collision was more accidental or incidental as opposed to intentional and will not seek any further punishment for Cole.


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