5-1 would have been nice, but 4-2 will have to do

It happened cause the Kings lacked spice, it can’t happen Saturday too.

– Rhyming is annoying, just like last night’s game.

-Vaginal Fungus Relief Medicine: Richardson-Schenn-Simmonds.

-Yellow Discharge side effect: Westgarth with Poni and Zus.

Full doctor’s notes in the lineup card.

– Is Quick the chicken or the egg?  Either way the goalie tracker just got a little more rotten.

-Question: How long did anyone think we could keep winning games while playing average hockey?  Its a positive that the Kings can now win without playing up to their potential.  Its what elite teams do.  Elite teams also get their acts together quickly and play like elite teams.  The former we’ve taken care of and I’m over it.  Waiting on the latter.

– Question 2: Is Scuderi our best defenseman so far this year?

– Answer: Yes, he is.

– Peter Harrold… not too shabby.

– Who infused Lee Stempniak with the soul of Shane Doan and where does he live so that I can set a bag of dog crap on fire by his door?

– Holy crap = Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

– Will always secretly root for Eric Belanger.

– Bring on the Avalanche, the perfect victim to help us get back on track.

– A win is goal # 2.

– Goal # 1 is to play a solid 60 minutes.

The mantra?


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  1. That was just a dismal game last night, and one best forgotten and moved on from.

  2. That game did suck. Kings derserved to lose. They might of pulled it out if it wasn’t for that short handed goal. Which leads into the discussion about the crummy power play. Biggest problem the team has right now.

    I would not blame the loss on Quick either. Kings were outskated.

    Hopefully they can get it together for Saturday’s game.

  3. you guys but do you really have to go there with the female hygiene stuff..offensive..
    As for Harold..watched him at practice Wrdnesday..He/ Greener/ Schenn/and the others that did not play and he was all over the place. Total up energy! He deserves to play with what he is showing. Parse was looking close as well. Can tell he is itching to get back in line up.

    • I thought about going with a nyquil reference but then I thought ‘if they can talk about female troubles so graphically in commercials, then so can I dag nabbit’


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