In the wake of the far too lenient Rypien 6 game suspension, we get this from the Province:

James Engquist is already regretting his (way) more than 15 minutes of fame after being grabbed by Rick Rypien in Tuesday’s game in Minnesota.

Reached by The Province Friday following the announcement of Rypien’s six-game suspension by the NHL for his actions, Engquist acknowledged he is seeking legal advice but refused further comment.

The 28-year-old has apparently been inundated with media requests and suffered harassment on the Internet and through emails.

Engquist did grant an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune and revealed that he received a call from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, who offered him tickets to a game and dinner.

“He said, ‘Sorry about the events, and players should never, ever put their hands on a fan.’ He said he’d like to offer me tickets to a game and dinner, and I thought that was very nice of him.

Click on the Province link for the rest of the article.

Surly & I are conducting a further investigation into this. Stay tuned. More to come…

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  1. The six game suspension (and no, I haven’t bothered to calculate what that costs Rypien) is sufficient, not that I expect anyone to agree with me on that. The offer of a game and dinner, from the commissioner is laughable. The team, and Rypien should have apologized to the guy by now, that is just ridiculous, that has not happened yet.

  2. Lets’ see. Rypien gets suspended for 6 games. Engquist gets tickets and dinner with Bettman. Who got the worst of this deal?

  3. I agree that 6 games is a bit lenient for this type of transgression. I would have just taken the tickets, and skip the dinner. Who wants to eat dinner with someone you don’t know?

  4. This offer of game tickets and dinner with Bettman as somehow being enough to placate this fan shows just how clueless and out of touch our commissioner is. I thought he was a lawyer? Does he really think this guy will take this and just walk away? He’s going to pursue assault charges, and get whatever he can get out of this, because that’s what people do today. A dinner with Bettman isn’t going to make it all better.

  5. The dude is going to make the most of his 5 minutes of fame:

    Don’t get me wrong, Rypien is an idiot for what he did and deserves whatever he gets, but this fan seems to me like a bit more than a goof. Just saying…


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