I must say I am disappointed and somewhat annoyed by the lack of hockey coverage for the Avalanche in Colorado. So many of these fans sites or blogs are days and sometimes weeks behind. Also, the Avalanche’s official site has a post game report from…wait for it…the Associated Press. So, I picked the only two relevant sites I could find that spoke of this game. One is our friend, Adrian Dater, of the Denver Post. The other isn’t. Click on each link at the end of the article for more:

A rare sloppy night for Avalanche goalie Craig Anderson did in him and his team.

Two intercepted clear-out attempts by Anderson led to Los Angeles Kings goals in a 6-4 loss for the Avs at the Pepsi Center on Saturday. None was more costly than the second goal, by the Kings’ Brad Richardson with 6:56 left in the third period to break a 4-4 tie.

With the Avs still on a five-minute power play and having just tied it on Milan Hejduk’s second goal of the night, Anderson left his net to play a puck in the right circle but had it intercepted at the point by the Kings’ Jarret Stoll. Stoll fed the puck to Richardson, who shot it into the vacated net.

Denver Post

This game was postured to be a high energy exciting affair between the NHL’s two youngest teams, and it didn’t disappoint – besides the final score. Damn those past Avalanche players and their hat tricks.

The first minute of the game was played exclusively in the Avalanche zone as the Kings hemmed in the home team before converting just 1 minute in on yet another inconvenient bounce off an Avs’ defenseman (remarkably not Quincey), and right to Ponikarovsky. Poni chipped a bankhand into the middle of the net as Anderson (who had lost his stick and was using O’Rielly’s as a replacement) tried to slide back in front.

Mile High Hockey


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  1. There are more out there. Here are a few:

    “Woe is Andy”

    “Richardson’s Hat Trick Buries Avs”

    “The Avs Had It”

    Also, the Mile High Hockey article you mentioned has produced over 130 comments so far (compared to 12 on Jewels from the Crown, also an SBN blog), the preview had 172 and the game thread had 674. Avs fans talk about the games – even the losses. Unfortunately, Denver is down to one MSM newspaper, and the articles there are limited. As fans, this makes us frustrated as well, but we also do what we can to make up for it. MHH has a fantastic presence with an incredibly active community, one of the most active of the SBN NHL sites in fact. Often the analysis provided in the comments section is as in depth as separate blog articles.

    Anyway, just wanted to give some insight into the Avs blogosphere. I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you’re painting it.

    • Simply awesome. Thank you for that. I will bookmark them so I can find them next time we kick the Avs butt :)

      We don’t do hockey buzz though for reasons you can probably guess

      • I don’t read hockey buzz, either, but a lot of people do. And since Aaron regularly posts articles, I thought I’d include it.

  2. And a couple more…

    “Avs Fall to Kings”

    “Avs Lose Game and Hash Tag Battle”


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