I breathed twice during this game…after the first period and after the second. The pace was fierce. The Kings and Avalanche played a wide open game, a skating game, the type the top two youngest teams in the league can play.

The good…no, no, the great! Brad Richardson. His first career hat trick. Each goal was the result of hard work and a never stop skating mentality. He hustled on the first one to the front of the net and received a nice bounce off Brayden Schenn’s back. On the second, Richardson’s eyes must have grown the size of a hockey puck when he saw Anderson do a poor man’s impression of Patrick Roy. Brad deflected the Anderson clearing attempt and, while the netminder was amidst an ice dance, he received a pass from Stoll that he buried into the net. The third came from an Avalanche turnover that Richardson intercepted and fired a wrist shot from above the left circle past Anderson.

Nobody had a bad game (I am being kind to Whiskey right now) though, besides Richardson, Williams, Kopitar, Stoll and Handzus were standouts as forwards and Greene played damn well for his first game back.

This game probably gave Quick a gray hair…I know it gave me one.

More on the game later, when I catch my breath. Don’t forget to check out the Goalie Tracker page shortly for an update.

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  1. how is that beer tasting ????? oh ya what a game …but the defense needs to tighten up and some bad penalty calls ….but its a win woohoo……..

  2. Very entertaining game. Kings showed a lot of grit and kept fighting back. Tremendous effort.

    That butt end by Simmonds kind of bothers me. The Kings could have easily lost the game from the penalty. Kind of a senseless penalty although on TV it did not look real forceful. Did Galliardi embellish that at all? Did Simmonds do that to get back at him for something earlier in the game?

    • Hard to say Steve. Simmonds made the motion but I never saw it connect. I think it was akin to me pointing my finger and going bang and you falling down and playing dead…

  3. These past 2 games prove that we need DD back now!!

    Glad to see Richie get his first trick though!!

  4. I think the Kings are more than capable of holding down the fort till DD comes back. We spilt 2 tuff road games, against 2 quality opponants. Nice to see us get a look at the D without relying on DD, for a little bit. I don’t think DD will be out long.

    Too bad we couldn’t plug Hickey in, to see what he could do in DD’s spot for a spell. Greener looked pretty good for his 1rst game back.

  5. YEAH Brad!
    Exciting game..well played
    Cannot slam Whiskey ..if play had gone to King and not been intercepted it would be non issue. He rebounded well..hustling the rest of night.
    JMFJ still making his share of bonehead bad happens to all of them.
    Bummed about Muzzin!

    • DD2 looks like Jones only with half the number of mental breakdowns per game. A bad play is a bad play, no and or if.

      DD2 was better last night but Harrold outplayed him. On two occasions it appeared DD2 wouldn’t give the puck to an open Harrold, instead making boneheaded plays to prove himself.

      Last night a batted a puck from behind the net into the crease forcing Quick to make a point blank save and a bad play (went for a hit rather then the puck) lead directly to a goal.

      DD2 made a case for himself in Vancouver. Carolina and Phoenix proved Vancouver was a fluke. In Colorado he played decently for a #5-6 but not that great.


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