Surly & I have been known to theorize from time to time. So when we heard that Ilya Kovalchuk was a healthy scratch tonight against the Sabres (a game the Devils lost 14 to 1…ok, 6 to 1), our brains started moving…I am convinced one of these is the actual reason:

10. Kovalchuk asked Lamoriello if it was too late to accept the Kings’ offer.

9. Ilya reminded MacLean that playing defense wasn’t part of the deal and that would cost an additional $100 million.

8. Kovalchuk put in a two week vacation request.

7. Kovalchuk told MacLean he would give him a million dollars over 17 years if he would shut the hell up during games.

6. When MacLean criticized Ilya during practice, Kovalchuk responded, “hey, you want to compare paychecks?”

5. The mob had their money on Buffalo tonight.

4. Kovalchuk gave MacLean a signed stick when MacLean demanded more from Ilya.

3. Ilya asked Brodeur if he generally sucks this badly in the beginning of the season.

2. Kovalchuk starting asking his teammates who they liked as MacLean’s replacement…

…and the number one theory why Ilya Kovalchuk was a healthy scratch…

1. Kovalchuk told Parise when he reaches RFA status to not accept anything less than 7 years, $50 million…from the Kings.