Surly and I were bummed…we didn’t want to see this kid go. He showed such promise and the acumen of a player that belongs on the big club. Alas, we all know why this happened. With Matt Greene’s return and Doughty only being out a little while longer, we have too many defensemen. Jake doesn’t have to clear waivers. Drewiske does. As much as we like Whiskey and taking nothing away from his hard work, it is fair to see Jake outplayed him overall and appears to have a much higher upside.

Jake, you’ll be back up before you know it. For now, focus on being not just the the best defenseman on the Monarchs, but at the top of the AHL. Anything less is an unnecessary compromise of your skill and heart.


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  1. Damn those waivers ..really liked watching Jake.
    He will be a blessing to Manchester.


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