We do it for love. We do it for you.

Once again, Surly and I laughed in the face of danger and risked our own life and liberty to bring you something no one else could.

In the wake of the Rick Rypien assault on a fan, and in light of the news the past two days that the alleged victim sought legal representation, Surly & I traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota to find the lawsuit papers. Could we have waited until it was filed? Sure, but what fun is that? Instead, he and I, through our undercover investigative skills, unabashed charm, subtle bribery, and Surly’s unexpected but fortuitous talent of breaking an entry, were able to locate the retained law firm and borrow from the desk of attorney John Douwee the papers he intends to file with the court.

Unfortunately, security discovered us during our exit due mostly to Surly’s insistence to sing along with Muse on his i-pod. As I watched Surly tackled to the ground by three security guards, I had to choose between my friend or bringing this incredible document to you. I chose the latter over Surly’s cries for help and his promise of my intended murder if I continued to run out of the building. I did it for love. I did it for you.

Without further adieu and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I bring you the Rick Rypien lawsuit. Stay thirsty my friends.

Rick Rypien Lawsuit